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Politika's inane ramblings

"Justice is what you practise towards others"

...the quest for knowledge is an exciting and painful thing...

My favorite diaries:

childfoot    profile - diary
comments:  another insomniac
geekslut    profile - diary
comments:  My soulmate.....
cf188    profile - diary
comments:  He understands the need to call someone with a bit of educational (or useless) information.
marvamillion    profile - diary
comments:  He is a wonderful story-teller....
mysteria    profile - diary
comments:  Cf's chickie, best Yankee in the North
blueshoe    profile - diary
comments:  finding a faith of her own, in her own time
bigadventure    profile - diary
comments:  A nice refreshing read, also part of the d-land 6 degrees of separation
andrew    profile - diary
comments:  funny as all hell
Marn    profile - diary
comments:  Just so very wise.

My favorite music:

The Beatles
comments:  My #1 favorite band in the world. They kicked some serious booty....
Lenny Kravitz
comments:  Mmmm... Great mood music. If I was still doing drugs....
Nat King Cole
comments:  If you want good old fashioned jazz, this is the man for you.
Ella Fitzgerald
comments:  Same as above but a wonderful woman's rich voice...

My favorite movies:

comments:  Wonderful hippy musical. I even got to see the 20th anniversary stage production... ooooh!
The Jungle Book
comments:  Yes, the animated one. Uh.. do we see a "musical" pattern emerging here?
Moulin Rouge
comments:  Ewen McGregor, rrowff. And the boy can sing.

My favorite authors:

Alice Munro
comments:  Excellent reading. Canadian short stories. We are unique y'know.
R. A. Heinlein
comments:  I have recently (past 1 yr) read about 7 of his books. Damned good stuff.
Robert Jordan
comments:  One hell of a "trilogy" I'm on book 9 and still going...
Terry Pratchett
comments:  One helluva funny guy, but look out for the ol' "just one more chapter..." grin

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