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p o p c o r e: Indestructible Indefensible Reprehensible

A repository of feeble-minded whimsy, larks, pedantry and aimless drifting. I smuggle coal and counterfeit ether.



My favorite diaries:

lazyhour    profile - diary
comments:  living
andrew    profile - diary
comments:  living and long may he reign
tet    profile - diary
comments:  living in Japan?
soupstain    profile - diary
comments:  living despite appearances to the contrary
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My favorite music:

Joanna Newsom
comments:  Catenaries and dirigibles.
Pizzicato Five
comments:  Tokyo mon amour.
Jim O' Rourke
comments:  Halfway to a threeway.
comments:  POLYSICS OR DIE!!!!
The Beach Boys
comments:  Busy doing nothing.

My favorite movies:

After Life
comments:  This is a fantastic Japanese film. What would you take into the after-life as your sole memory of living?
It's A Gift
comments:  WC Fields is vastly overlooked. Eat your spinach, eat your spinach...
My Neighbour Totoro
comments:  The most enjoyable, sweet film ever! I can watch this again and again and still squeal with delight.
Duck Soup
comments:  For the mirror scene, for the songs, for (as always) Margaret Dumont.
Ghost World
comments:  The world is divided into two sorts of people: those who can relate to Ghost World and those who just can't.

My favorite authors:

Haruki Murakami
Daniel Clowes
Chris Ware
Tony Millionaire
George Herriman

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