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Do you know the PseudoMuffin man?

Almost, but not quite, a muffin.

My favorite diaries:

semirhage    profile - diary
comments:  one of my bestest friends! go read her diary, and tell her the muffin sent you! :)
agoatnamedaz    profile - diary
comments:  i love the layout, and the entries are always entertaining
herworship    profile - diary
comments:  nicely designed diary and great entries.
torquil    profile - diary
comments:  good stuffs. check it out.
blueeyedboy    profile - diary
comments:  check out his diary and grab some of his band's songs.
dependant    profile - diary
comments:  good stuff. darnit. i need to figure out how to be more creative with these comments.
weetabix    profile - diary
comments:  "Of course, I ate the lemon square. Because I didn't want to be rude. You know, this is exactly how fat polite girls happen. And it totally explains the term "skinny bitch" as well."
jenne1017    profile - diary
comments:  the jenny springer show.
superlemon    profile - diary
comments:  i can't think of anything creative to say. er. good stuff. i like.
sandandwater    profile - diary
comments:  the compliment to the jenny springer show.
wintersheart    profile - diary
comments:  mmm.. strawberries :)
simon-    profile - diary
pixiekittie    profile - diary
pixie521    profile - diary
kittyspy    profile - diary
comments:  Anyone who feels like this about their kitties gets major points in my book.
andrew    profile - diary
comments:  All hail the diary king!
urinalfresh    profile - diary
bicyclelove    profile - diary
purefiction    profile - diary
comments:  neat public diary
kelly    profile - diary
sporkqueen    profile - diary
secretpoetry    profile - diary
lady-ursula    profile - diary
comments:  hehe.. fun to read.
eevviillgirl    profile - diary
comments:  i just added it cause i liked the pic. good writing too.
raptorkitten    profile - diary
comments:  "a bunch of people really liked the idea of "dress to get fucked"... since it can mean so many different things."
techno-geek    profile - diary
comments:  "Who knew that Mother Nature snorted coke? It's Spring, and it's snowing outside. When it was winter, it was practically balmy. What the hell is going on!?!"
martianstar    profile - diary
invictididi    profile - diary
neptunebaby2    profile - diary
inthegrey    profile - diary
fallenelf    profile - diary
tobeparents    profile - diary
ciel-de-noir    profile - diary
stoo    profile - diary
comments:  anyone with a cowboy bebop pic on their banner gets added ;)
lyzz13    profile - diary
girl-written    profile - diary
aoi-musouka    profile - diary
marigoldmind    profile - diary
veryberry    profile - diary
comments:  very cute layout. moody blues. lovely.
aerieyena    profile - diary
starinajar    profile - diary
xxxemogirlxx    profile - diary
tiranaki    profile - diary
cherrrybomb    profile - diary
elektra-xxx    profile - diary
and    profile - diary
ioriliruebaj    profile - diary
kittybukkake    profile - diary
comments:  this seemed kind of funny
elliorange    profile - diary
comments:  I like saying "elliorange" out loud. it's a neat word.
theyknew    profile - diary
i-love-sex    profile - diary
comments:  well... who doesn't?

My favorite music:

Tori Amos
comments:  'nuff said.
comments:  wootah!
Lisa Gerrard
comments:  awesome stuff. she did vocals on the movie "Gladiator"
comments:  I'm so conceited.
comments:  Utada Hikaru, Robert Miles, Chicane, Jewel, Live, Kittie, Gordon Lightfoot, New Radicals, Moody Blues, Björk, Tool, Sublime, Loreena McKennitt, Ashley McIsaac, Styx, Massive Attack, Rufus Wainwright, &c.

My favorite movies:

comments:  mike myers rules.
so i married an axe murderer
comments:  mike myers rules. (his best movie, IMHO)
the princess bride
comments:  classic. seen it a million times and haven't gotten tired of it.
a life less ordinary
comments:  cameron and ewan. awesome flick.
comments:  ron howard's brilliantly directed fantasy.

My favorite authors:

David Zindell
comments:  Neverness books. Sci-fi.
t. coraghessan boyle
comments:  great short stories.
Anne Rice
comments:  pseudo-neo-gothic-vampiristic eroticism. yummy.
Robert Jordan
comments:  This guy better not keel over before he finishes writing the WoT series...
comments:  The master himself.

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