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I've locked this diary and moved onto new pastures. If you would like to know where the new diary is, please contact me on alisonisyourhero at yahoo dot com. Be well, be strong.



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My favorite music:

dar williams
comments:  she's a storyteller in her songs, and out.
ani difranco
comments:  politics and music, how lovely.
joni mitchell
comments:  'a case of you' touches me so deeply.
jack johnson
comments:  his voice - so pretty! so uplifting! so honest!
john mayer
comments:  just for that one high school song.

My favorite movies:

the camomile lawn
comments:  i love world war two in a really voyeuristic kind of way.
comments:  painfully realistic. makes me nostolgic for the agonies of adolescence.
the shining
comments:  always somewhere in my top 50 list. or higher.
top gun
comments:  an oldie but a very, very goodie.
the breakfast club
comments:  this will never stop being cool.

My favorite authors:

sabrina ward harrison
comments:  go buy 'spilling open' if you want to see what honesty looks like.
dr. suess
comments:  oh, the places i went!
stephen king
comments:  'the shining' is the only book/movie combination which truly gets my heart pumping.
louis sachar
comments:  'there's a boy in the girl's bathroom' was my favourite book growing up.
rainer maria rilke
comments:  makes me wish i spoke german. not all the time, though, just to read poetry.

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