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I share a home with my sweet baboo Feda in Hawaiian Paradise Park. We are indentured servants to a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit named Chloe who demands love and attention and food 24/7. I *heart* Vern Yip & Dreyer's Vanilla Bean Ice Cream!

My favorite diaries:

acneboy    profile - diary
comments:  my main squeeze! my sweet baboo! it's Feda!
CasperWoo    profile - diary
comments:  The Candy King, the Crime-fighting Cinematographer of the Century -- woohoo, it's Casper!
Juniperhexum    profile - diary
comments:  AKA cleopatragb
fishjizz    profile - diary
comments:  purveyor of high octane liquids, semi-bearded fellow who loathes that green Peter Pan fool
ikeaman    profile - diary
comments:  warm & inviting, sturdy, functional - what more could you ask for?
kissacod    profile - diary
comments:  kiss a (cosmic?) fish, slap Feda with a trout, don't pick your friend's nose
le-orchid    profile - diary
comments:  neat-O chick who loves patis and electronic dancing games
likolehua    profile - diary
comments:  read her diary, she commands you!!
madamsarcasm    profile - diary
comments:  megosh, she's snappy!
pythoness    profile - diary
comments:  an animal lover, just not the bad-customer-human kind
star-fishing    profile - diary
comments:  astronomical ichthyologist - frequent discussions about the male plecostomus named bov
expatrica    profile - diary
comments:  AKA Star-nicole - one a Bostonian wishing to be a Brit, or at least with a certain Brit
usinclair    profile - diary
comments:  only 14 entries so far but I've laughed my ass off reading every one
r-e-c-i-p-e    profile - diary
comments:  recipes for all! woohoo!
bibliophilia    profile - diary
minniesheep    profile - diary
kinimanini2    profile - diary
comments:  Big Island lady - west-side!
wicked-sezzy    profile - diary
comments:  i wantee her attitude!

My favorite music:

Howard Jones
Duran Duran
Ricky Martin
comments:  Vuelve!
Brian Setzer Orchestra

My favorite movies:

The Outsiders
comments:  C. Thomas Howell - need I say more? Actually, yes! Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold...
comments:  the soul of a poet lurks inside the body of a swordsman
Tokyo Pop
comments:  ohhhh Hiro, you loved me just enough to let me gooooo!
La Femme Nikita
comments:  Druggie punk + rehab + Poise school = swishy runway hitwoman packing a big gun in a Hermes handbag
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
comments:  we are the music makers and the dreamers of dreams

My favorite authors:

Johnathan Kellerman
Patricia Cornwell
Tomie de Paola
comments:  Snip, snip, Little Lamb!
James Patterson

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