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"I'm not crazy, I'm just obsessed."

I know that I don't make sense at all sometimes. It is only I who understand myself.

You don't know me, and you'll never get to know me well enough to truly point out certain aspects in my soul. Read my diary if you wish, but go somewhere else if you find the content inappropriate.

I carry the nickname Raziela - Raziel from the Legacy of Kain game series, you might think. That's correct. Raziel is my hero and has been since the age of 13/14. I'm 20 years old, and I enjoy dedicating diary entries to my favourite gaming/anime characters every now and then. Why? Because I'm a fangirl.

You better watch out if you're a Prince of Persia fan, just like I am. I might end up clinging on you. Scary. :)



My favorite diaries:

jing-ryu    profile - diary
comments:  She's truly the best friend one could ever have! You're unique, girl! :)
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comments:  Her diary is sooo cool! :)
roxyelliot    profile - diary
comments:  Totally wonderful diary. :)
luna-aira    profile - diary
comments:  One of the most amazing persons out there. You go girl.
annien    profile - diary
comments:  *Huggles* A great person! =) *kastar ett granatäpple till henne* ^_^
mulken    profile - diary
comments:  Weeeeee! =) Angel-chan all da way!!!! ;) *huggles*
ravynemyst    profile - diary
comments:  Oh, such a wonderful writer! And a fabulous diary! Totally fascinating. :)
Ravynespeak    profile - diary
comments:  Same person as above. I thought that I could add both usernames here. :)
ghaleonx5z    profile - diary
comments:  A wonderful person. =) *does the Ghaleon rules dance* I'm happy I met him at that forum.
andrew    profile - diary
comments:  The founder of D-land! *worships Andrew all da way*
aerosliver    profile - diary
comments:  My online bro! *huggles* Allow me to say: Spieluhr! ;P
sugar-chan    profile - diary
comments:  She writes really well. =)
picadoll    profile - diary
comments:  My cool cousin! *huggles* ^__________^ Watch out for Mr. Cookie... ;)
to-be-frank    profile - diary
comments:  Amazing diary... I lack of words.
perceptionss    profile - diary
comments:  Wonderful diary! Take a look and you'll see what I'm talking about. ^_^
rockboy    profile - diary
comments:  Such a talented writer. =)
xeriphism    profile - diary
comments:  My LoK hero, all da way. ;P *huggles*
aliyya1    profile - diary
comments:  You pronounce my name as "Razi-ee-la". =P
credence    profile - diary
comments:  Great diary.
get-low    profile - diary
comments:  The best friend one could ever have. *huggles* You go girl. :)
pitbulbarbie    profile - diary
comments:  Wonderful diary. ^_^
mattslyrics    profile - diary
comments:  Beautiful poems and lyrics. Go visit!
living-lulu    profile - diary
comments:  New-found diary... very well-written.
spacesailor    profile - diary
comments:  Such a wonderful person! :)
beagle47    profile - diary
comments:  Two words: Go visit!
i-h8-boys    profile - diary
comments:  s13
moonshine76    profile - diary
comments:  Awesomeness. ^^
livefan91200    profile - diary
comments:  Wonderful diary! Go read now! =)
skeletonjack    profile - diary
comments:  Exquisite. Truly exquisite.
honeywhite    profile - diary
comments:  Very poetic.
lc23tina    profile - diary
comments:  Such a great writer.
du-hastmich    profile - diary
comments:  I am stunned.
spacesailor2    profile - diary
comments:  Same as spacesailor, only that this diary is in English and not in German. :)
panjandrum    profile - diary
comments:  Another awesome diary.
girls-suck    profile - diary
comments:  Booyah.
happyredhead    profile - diary
comments:  Diary of a Happy Redhead. Go read it now! ^_^
t-r-u-t-h    profile - diary
comments:  So young, yet so wise... very poetic words.
peachfront    profile - diary
comments:  Peachfront speaks. :) Lovely place. One of my fave diaries.
inkedangel9    profile - diary
comments:  An excellent writer.
aureate    profile - diary
comments:  AWESOME diary. 8)
jpisheath    profile - diary
comments:  Excellent writer.
azmad    profile - diary
comments:  A very good diary, Japan inspired. =)
bindyree    profile - diary
comments:  One of my fave diaries. Go visit now...
darkflora    profile - diary
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noelanii    profile - diary
comments:  Very talented writer.
bossique    profile - diary
comments:  You have to read it yourself in order to see the beauty in her written words.
jaric    profile - diary
comments:  A journal of a college student. Fascinating writing style and insteresting entries. Go visit!
pikahikari    profile - diary
comments:  I love this girl, I really do! *hugs* Tack för allt! ^^
ginis    profile - diary
comments:  Interesting diary and writing style; also, currently using one of my former free templates. ^^;;
aylea    profile - diary
comments:  A wonderful person, and a great friend to talk with!
half-truth    profile - diary
comments:  The owner of t-r-u-t-h.diaryland.com, now located at a new place. As always, a very talented writer.
caffeinegeek    profile - diary
comments:  RoxyElliot is back! =D
smoog    profile - diary
comments:  One of the best on Diaryland. :]
raen    profile - diary
comments:  Legacy of Kain fan! *throws confetti*
katsuneko    profile - diary
comments:  I first came in contact with katsuneko at eBay (thanks for all the lovely doujinshi ^_^). No, I cannot read Japanese, but I can translate it at Altavista. ^_^ Cheers to you! :)
sadistboo    profile - diary
comments:  Simply excellent.
iluveminem02    profile - diary
comments:  Young heart, whispering to be heard... I love this diary because I can relate to it.
raveneys-    profile - diary
comments:  Dark poetry. I love it.
senorita11    profile - diary
comments:  Interesting entries. And quite a lovely design too, even though I'm not too fond of the colour pink.
essaywriter    profile - diary
comments:  Highly interesting! Go read it now!
aboutagirl-    profile - diary
comments:  Adding the diary to my list - comment to be added.
herdarlinsin    profile - diary
comments:  Because I love the way the entries touch the inner me that is yet to be seen.
finallywoken    profile - diary
comments:  A love so strong that it can cross anything. One of my absolutely favourite diaries.
preshusthorn    profile - diary
comments:  Beautiful.
frenchbean    profile - diary
comments:  Go read it NOW.
dusk-bunny    profile - diary
comments:  Newbie at D-land with touching entries. *sends some hugs*

My favorite music:

comments:  Nice, calm music. Heals my souls whenever I feel down.
comments:  Uhm... Rammstein-Till? <_<

My favorite movies:

The Lord of the Rings
comments:  One word: Legolas!
Of mice and men
comments:  Wonderful movie. I just adore John Malkovich.
Vampire hunter D
comments:  Vampires and a sexy Dunpeal. Nothing can get better than that.
comments:  Of course. How could I not type it down? Alucard is mah Mastah. Odah mah Mastah!!
comments:  Dee + Ryo = YAOI. Yummy-licious.

My favorite authors:

comments:  I wish I could write like this man. He's my role model.
Henning Mankell
comments:  I have met him IRL! *jumps up and down in happiness* He's my favourite author!
Kohta Hirano
comments:  The genius who came up with Hellsing. I'm a fangirl, yes I am!

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