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My favorite diaries:

bebelua    profile - diary
comments:  Linguistically beautiful, aesthetically wondrous
brucegirl    profile - diary
comments:  Springsteen fan extroadinaire
chubbychic    profile - diary
comments:  The land of twinkies, phallic objects of goodness
coyotesabre    profile - diary
comments:  Sharp and Coyote like
damodred    profile - diary
comments:  "For the sake of my sanity, stop torturing me!"
dearcynthia    profile - diary
comments:  I was touched by your diary. Yours sincerely, me
emperorincxt    profile - diary
comments:  "Princess Mononoke is f**ing amazing!"
gnometits    profile - diary
comments:  Effing hell. Effing great
harlemrain    profile - diary
comments:  One light burning
heidiann    profile - diary
comments:  Doing the things a Heidi can
joliecerveau    profile - diary
comments:  Working towards that natural ‘part’
lastyeargirl    profile - diary
comments:  Hi, Firecracker
laylagoddess    profile - diary
comments:  I await the arrival of her Fuzzy Legions of Doom
michellechau    profile - diary
comments:  Fellow music fanatic and very best friend
molzo    profile - diary
comments:  Divine Creator of The Spark
mspsyched1    profile - diary
comments:  She said I could have her ear and shoulder
papersnow    profile - diary
comments:  The artist formerly known as Cista
ravenheart    profile - diary
comments:  She thinks "alien", I think "beautiful."
sam    profile - diary
comments:  Not doing things in style
sarika    profile - diary
comments:  Ex-Wellingtonian!
scanzilla    profile - diary
comments:  If you can’t beat ‘em, join the other 257 people
siddel    profile - diary
comments:  I love her soul and she loves the word ‘gooey’
sleepyzoe    profile - diary
comments:  View from a sleepyhead
slumper    profile - diary
comments:  Mr. Men chairs are the shit.
steveward    profile - diary
comments:  The Disseminatrix is all around us
thespark    profile - diary
comments:  Diaryland community, full of bright sparks
thisdarkgirl    profile - diary
comments:  Canuck with fascinating lips
tuluum    profile - diary
comments:  Divine Creator of E*WAX
mcearstix    profile - diary
comments:  An intriguing new find
prettytear    profile - diary
comments:  "I really have a screw loose somewhere"
justjano    profile - diary
comments:  "I love not having to walk the dog..."

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