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My favorite diaries:

chaostraffic    profile - diary
comments:  authentic. quality. respect.
warcrygirl    profile - diary
comments:  I love to hate her. Or maybe I hate to love her? I'm not sure, but I keep going back,
iamaparadox    profile - diary
comments:  check him out...
awittykitty    profile - diary
comments:  I only read for the sexy parts.
unclebob    profile - diary
comments:  This man can string togethor swears like no one else
incredipete    profile - diary
comments:  Once described as flamboyent: It's the incredible Pete!
katm6    profile - diary
comments:  There is only one katm6 and this is her...
shewhowalks    profile - diary
comments:  Actually, I've never seen her walk.
twobaddogs    profile - diary
comments:  I stumbled upon 2 bad dogs and saw that it was good. Very good.
stayinschool    profile - diary
comments:  Jack Handy's love child.
hairburner    profile - diary
comments:  She's got a cool job.
bigpimpinmba    profile - diary
comments:  He rocks.
sixweasels    profile - diary
comments:  I only counted 5, the 6th must be in my pants.
nightdragon    profile - diary
comments:  Required reading.
ayred-out    profile - diary
comments:  a cool dude who needs to write more.
theotherchad    profile - diary
comments:  No one told me he was the man. I just found out by accident.
mentalimages    profile - diary
comments:  She wants me. I can tell.
sturge    profile - diary
comments:  in grammer school a guy named sturge used to beat the shit out of me. This aint him.
porktornado    profile - diary
comments:  I havean irrational fear of both pigs and windstorms, yet, I still read him
nightmare54    profile - diary
comments:  Disturbingly funny
Anisettekiss    profile - diary
comments:  I prefer to lick anisette, but a kiss can be nice too.
joecartoon    profile - diary
comments:  He can eat shit and die for all I care
rhidundantx2    profile - diary
comments:  A great writer with a great sense of humor. A+
gumphood    profile - diary
comments:  talented. I am jealous.
red-savannah    profile - diary
comments:  She's from New England. She smokes parliments and she's a red head. Perfect.
sunshine0221    profile - diary
comments:  She like to buy porn for her boss.
xquzme    profile - diary
comments:  A hot shit. A Funny hot shit.
god-of-whine    profile - diary
comments:  Just don't ask about his penis. He's quite fond of it.
lisarookie    profile - diary
comments:  She reminds me of a nun I once knew...
juddhole    profile - diary
comments:  Because there can be only one.
goingloopy    profile - diary
comments:  Going? More like gone.
wifemotherme    profile - diary
comments:  She's not perfect. I like that.
geeked-out    profile - diary
comments:  fucking nuts. we need more like her.
chickie-legs    profile - diary
comments:  She is the incarnation of pure evil. ...Ok. I just made that up.
ramblin-bill    profile - diary
comments:  He's a ramblin guy, oh yea oh yea....R-A-M-B-L-I-N...apostraphe!
lunardwarf    profile - diary
comments:  Gotta check him out.....
wombatcity    profile - diary
comments:  one of my favorite marsupials.
poopiebitch    profile - diary
comments:  Funny name. Funny writing.
pandionna    profile - diary
comments:  don't ask me....
understood    profile - diary
comments:  wierd snippets that make me lie awake at night screaming.
genghis-jon    profile - diary
comments:  I think he'd prefer if I keep my friggin mouth shut, but I just can't...
purplecigar    profile - diary
comments:  Sometmes a cigar is just a cigar. However, that's not the case here...
yeahimadork    profile - diary
comments:  "Dork" is Diaryland code for "Hot Funny Chick"
gushparty    profile - diary
comments:  I want to buy this man a beer, or two. check him out....
gyka    profile - diary

My favorite music:


My favorite movies:

My Cousin Vinny
Pulp Fiction

My favorite authors:

James Thurber

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