Russiagirl: All That, But Not the Bag of Chips

Likes: all things Slavic, grammar, being the funniest one at the party. Beer, especially dark beer. Special tasty things cooked by my husband, Skateboy. Butt rock music.

Dislikes: Potatos, beans, too many kinds of food to list. Breeders. Inappropriate apostrophe use. Being wrong. Being corrected when I'm wrong. Being poor. Emoticons and "cuz" and "wuz".

You should know: I'm not really a Russian, but I am really a girl.

My favorite diaries:

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comments: Central Asian Central. She designed my site! She's the bomb, ya'll.
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comments: Procreation in motion
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comments: Canada for England- is that a step up?
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My favorite music:

comments: Kurish kazhdij pyat/ My ustali obax
Dead Milkmen
comments: DM rule.
comments: We are not worthy...
comments: Moya mama zapretyla vozvrashatsya menya domoi!

My favorite movies:

Office Space
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Documentaries about pimps or midgets
Blade Runner
comments: He say you Brade Runner.
Changing Lanes
comments: See it. I mean it.

My favorite authors:

John Irving
comments: I can't help it. I worship John Irving.

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