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Psyche Euridyce

A bored, unemployed, bibliophile Gothic Wiccan with too much time on her hands, and who thinks waaaaay too much.

My favorite diaries:

My favorite music:

Coal Chamber
comments:  a great spookycore band who, alas, only put out three albums. Did a quite off-the-wall cover of "Shock the Monkey" with Ozzy
comments:  feminist, political hardcore
comments:  Goth, hardcore, punk, and an androgynous frontman
Linkin Park
comments:  they're so good, its almost irritating.
comments:  good for listening to after a breakup-or recovering from a broken heart.

My favorite movies:

The Craft
comments:  a good allegory on the abuse of power of any kind. Why Witches got all huffy about it, I'll never know.
comments:  indie debut of Michelle Rodriguez about a girl who takes up boxing as a way of controlling her temper.
comments:  Vampires versus Werewolves in Eastern Europe. And a very cool corset on the main character
Sky High
comments:  campy movie about a high school for superheroes
comments:  Jessica Alba as a dancer trying to make it

My favorite authors:

Scott Cunningham
comments:  very well-respected author of a million books on Wicca. Always a good bet to start out reading.
Laurel K. Hamilton
comments:  author of the Merry Gentry and Anita Blake books. Not reccomended by prudes

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