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Discovery of self...

Its been a long journey... but one I would not have missed for anything. I dont write here anymore (for now) but you can find me at www.justme-takeitorleaveit.blogspot.com - locked but accessible if you email me for password.

My favorite diaries:

krugerpak007    profile - diary
comments:  sweet... and just trying to live life the best she can!!!!!!!! Great buddy
im2evil4u    profile - diary
comments:  VERY funny... laughed out loud constantly
chickpea981    profile - diary
comments:  WHEW! This girl likes SEX :)
lifeasme66    profile - diary
comments:  Seems sweet and FUN
amb1valent-k    profile - diary
comments:  he's baaaaaaaaaaaaaack... thank GOD
ava-reborn    profile - diary
comments:  our experience with life-long love is so similar its scarey - we feel each others pain and she's a good friend
theturtle    profile - diary
comments:  he's just like the rest of us...a hopeless romantic looking for "the one" :)
gr8chick    profile - diary
barank    profile - diary
comments:  she understands me
x-centricity    profile - diary
comments:  the best friend ive found on here - always there for me no matter what
violetsmile    profile - diary
comments:  another needed move :)
nakedpurple    profile - diary

My favorite music:

Sara McClachlan
comments:  Telling lyrics and fabulous music
Sheryl Crowe
comments:  Just good
comments:  One of the best bands of all time
comments:  Its Journey... what more is there to say?
comments:  LOVE her voice... AWESOME

My favorite movies:

Passion of Christ
comments:  Deep, horrific, beautiful, painful............ yet a love story
comments:  Overplayed, oversang, over-advertised but a fab story
comments:  Val Kilmer is the BEST "ill be your huckleberry"
Meet the Parents
comments:  Fall down funny
Office Space
comments:  "ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yep"

My favorite authors:

Ann Rice
comments:  Awesome storyteller... provocative and original

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