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Alas, nothing can relieve my stress because these are all valid worries, right?

So, as the night wears on and I become increasingly less confident and get very little sleep, the approaching exams will feel to me like slowly going up a very steep roller coaster.

Clink clink clink clink

So slow that you feel like biting your nails and crying out, “Why am I here?! Could I have studied more and done better on everything else in order to make this final hill less steep?”

Granted, I love roller coasters so it’s not exactly the best analogy.

There’s always the guillotine analogy.

It’s like the day before your execution.

You know that you’re going to die and you know that it just isn’t right and there’s no actual way to prepare for it. And then when you have your pencil in your shaky hand waiting for the prof to say “begin” it’s equivalent to having your head strapped in that hole and waiting for them to release the blade that will sever your head from its flailing body. The last image you see is all the people gathered to see you die, or in my case all of the homework I should have learned better instead of joining the Engineering Slackers Network.

Ok, enough, I should be studying here.

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My favorite music:

Josh Groban
comments:  Unbelievable vocalist
Tori Amos
comments:  Beautiful instrumental music with unbelievable lyrics
comments:  I can't explain why, but they're catchy.
Jonny Lang
comments:  THE master of modern blues
John Mayer
comments:  Reminds me alot of Jonny Lang

My favorite movies:

Dark City
comments:  Surprisingly eerie
The Mummy
comments:  I dunno, I know it's not a "smart" movie, but I like it.
Office Space
comments:  If you work in an office environment, this speaks for itself
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
comments:  Speaks for itself
A Beautiful Mind
comments:  One of the few movies that i will say is better than the book

My favorite authors:

J.K. Rowling
comments:  Heh, Harry Potter was badass.
J. R. R. Tolkien
comments:  A classic trilogy.
Robert Ludlum
comments:  I am addicted to the Bourne Identity
Tad Williams
comments:  Another awesome trilogy

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