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My favorite diaries:

brotherchaos    profile - diary
comments:  Saying it how he sees it... how it most often is.
backagain    profile - diary
comments:  I am at loss for words.
delta-orion    profile - diary
comments:  A little bit of sun when it's mostly grey
aclevername    profile - diary
comments:  Above and beyond me... truly.
fireflea    profile - diary
comments:  she used to be "just another diarylander" and now she's a friend I'd do anything to keep.
jonasparker    profile - diary
comments:  ~We're at the point where we neither love or hate it... we can lay down and obliterate it~
someonenew    profile - diary
comments:  words haven't found me yet
frostedlemon    profile - diary
comments:  I wish I'd thought of the name.
spanklin    profile - diary
comments:  taken by the view and the look of it all
whereistand    profile - diary
comments:  beyond it
pigment    profile - diary
comments:  A little like Paoblo... a little like Honey
phenom-76    profile - diary
comments:  Love, laughter, soul... mmm and a little chicken dough on the side.
suenosverde    profile - diary
comments:  you've never seen a face and photos so beautiful
jnw77    profile - diary
comments:  She feels familiar... in many ways she is... kindness when there is little to be had anywhere else.
fictive    profile - diary
comments:  New
bren45t6    profile - diary
comments:  Sweet like candy to the soul...
givemeabreak    profile - diary
comments:  comfort... I don't know why I never had her on my favs list.
ladyloo    profile - diary
comments:  in a word: Brilliant!
hibiscus101    profile - diary
comments:  A girl much like me...
home-of-d    profile - diary
comments:  There's always a glimmer... if only faint... always hope there, somewhere.
axde    profile - diary
comments:  There is truth in wonder... and wonder in truth. I hit upon a star when I found this.
bettyalready    profile - diary
comments:  Read and you will understand
in19seconds    profile - diary
comments:  same beauty... with a name change

My favorite music:

Led Zeppelin
comments:  Living reflection of a dream
Older Pearl Jam
comments:  someday I'll have a beautiful Life
Older Trag. Hip
comments:  it's written all down in this spider web alphabet
Ani DiFranco
comments:  pay me for my beauty...
comments:  They're paid to kiss your feet

My favorite movies:

Shallow Grave
Life is Beautiful
It's a Wonderful Life
Pulp Fiction
comments:  ... and many more

My favorite authors:

More bands...
comments:  I am not you're carpet ride... I am the sky.

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