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Always Smile

Stars are danciní on the water here tonight

Itís good for the soul, when thereís not a soul in sight

But this boat has caught its wind and brought me back to life

Now Iím alive, and well

And today you know thatís good enough for me

Breathin' in and out's a blessing canít you see

Today is the first day of the rest of my life

Now Iím alive, and well

Yeah Iím alive, and well

My favorite diaries:

lobo21    profile - diary
comments:  A great person and friend, he deserves happiness
invisibledon    profile - diary
comments:  Great Read and he's from my home town area!
im-drowning    profile - diary
dangerspouse    profile - diary
comments:  I miss reading him on a regular basis....plus he always made me smile
impetuousme    profile - diary
comments:  I miss him and his writings
forty-plus    profile - diary
comments:  I wonder how she is doing
nicim    profile - diary
comments:  Strong lady
rebeckajane    profile - diary
comments:  She's awesome, she's my friend , what more could I ask for ......I wish we lived closer
fightn4life    profile - diary
comments:  She inspires me
dcalien    profile - diary
comments:  Love to read
dcalienz    profile - diary
comments:  He makes me think
onadventure    profile - diary
comments:  What an adventure

My favorite music:

David Gray
comments:  "Time no good, Wisdom no good, Patience no good, to me anymore...."
comments:  "I'm hanging by a moment here with you"
Angie Aparo
comments:  "Cry a little for me.................."
Dave Matthews Band
comments:  "What would you say....."
Shawn Mullins
comments:  "I am in motion, I am blue, love is an ocen, i'm anchored in you...."

My favorite movies:

Bridges of Madison County
comments:  This movie always makes me cry
Pay It Forward
comments:  Excellent movie, ending was sad, made me cry

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments:  what can i say, i have read them all
Dean Koontz
Nicholas Sparks
comments:  love to read poetry, any kind, famous and not so famous

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