our machines feed the furnace

if they take us, they will burn us

My favorite diaries:

rhetoric profile - diary
comments: weaves smartly around the issue at hand. perhaps doesn't HAVE a issue at hand, but who cares?
imike profile - diary
comments: mad digital camera skills. wonderful innovative writer.
punktheboy profile - diary
comments: takes pictures of himself at many angles. also, i understand, writes.
andrew profile - diary
comments: creator, therefore god, of diaryland
element3fold profile - diary
comments: let's all start a campaign to make her write more.
babyhead profile - diary
comments: just followed him right on over.
mr-squiggle profile - diary
comments: hilarious (way too many references to belly-button fluff)... ah well.
pinebranches profile - diary
comments: found, again... for now
omri profile - diary
comments: to use her own quote against her: snazzy.
agiel profile - diary
comments: um, wow.
fukrot profile - diary
comments: not an upper, but i don't mind.
jaredphillip profile - diary
comments: can quit whenever he wants. i guess.
whatlight profile - diary
comments: shhh. don't tell!
nudetwister profile - diary
comments: i.... try to follow...
queen-hearts profile - diary
comments: a good card to have if you're playing a certain version of bridge.
mcearstix profile - diary
comments: good god.
mrbochenkels profile - diary
comments: livejournal IS a cult.

My favorite music:

mike patton
comments: almost everything he involves himself with. faith no more, tomahawk, mr. bungle, fantomas...
the pixies
comments: this monkey's gone to heaven.
comments: i always forget about queen when listing my top five, so... 'tis fixed now.
emerson, lake & palmer
comments: i don't understand why there is no religion based upon this band.
the beatles
comments: well.... you know..... how can you not like the beatles?

My favorite movies:

waking life
being john malkovich
harold and maude
a clockwork orange

My favorite authors:

paul krassner
richard brautigan
irvine welsh

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