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An Ode To Assholery

The private journal of a semi-reformed asshole.

I've been writing here since 2001, and locked this journal down back in 2004 when I was going through a divorce and a bunch of other general bullshittery. Since then, I've started a public blog over at http://sixweasels.vox.com. I keep this space for my more insane rantings, ravings and stories.

Actually, I'm not even really that insane anymore. It's just comforting to have a place to write where I pretty much know who's reading. Email sixweasels@comcast.net if you'd like a password, or just come visit me at my public blog!



My favorite diaries:

zencelt    profile - diary
comments:  Fellow princess of Assholia, one of my dearest friends, and a kickass girl all around.
jarofporter    profile - diary
princessbug    profile - diary
comments:  Just finished her thesis, loves woozles, and is a funny girl
curiouoso    profile - diary
comments:  Seems to be on an interesting ride
indpndnt-ter    profile - diary
comments:  She's figuring life out one step at a time, and doing it quite nicely
hissandtell    profile - diary
comments:  Wildly entertaining, delightfully blunt. I do believe she carries an Assholian Princess crown of her very own.
flying-kiwi    profile - diary
comments:  We share the same name, and I love reading about her world!
nixtress    profile - diary
erinmanson    profile - diary
comments:  Also Wildrosie's daughter ... the mother/daughter journaling thing makes me want to get my whole Assholian family on here (but I won't!)
nacwolin    profile - diary
comments:  An inspiration and a friend
geoffchaucer    profile - diary
bunny828    profile - diary
comments:  Reminds me a bit of myself, but only the good parts
thunderdave    profile - diary
comments:  He's on the list of those who MUST make it to Assholia someday
argentum    profile - diary
comments:  The Freak-Spotting Machine. I'm going to have him screen all my dates.
thetimid    profile - diary
comments:  The new adventures of an old favorite.
joleen    profile - diary
comments:  Her writing, thoughts and observations pull me right in. AND she's a fellow former Themestreamer to boot.
roadiepig    profile - diary
comments:  Gardener, photographer, animal lover, family guy. A great read.
ska-t    profile - diary
comments:  He's a poet and a realist all rolled into one. One of the best reads out there, in my humble opinion.
her-story    profile - diary
comments:  I want to be a professional student too!
eastportgrrl    profile - diary
comments:  In a roundabout way, I met her through D-land before she even got here. And she rocks.
duranfanatic    profile - diary
comments:  All-around good guy and (duh) Duran-Duran fan
skibigsky    profile - diary
comments:  philososophy, fun, poodles and Tommy Lee Jones.
azzweepay    profile - diary
comments:  You gotta love the name!
janie12975    profile - diary
comments:  First a great read, now a great read who is also a friend
lisamcc    profile - diary
comments:  I can really relate to the girl in this diary. And often laugh my ass off while relating.
crazy4muffin    profile - diary
comments:  She seems to share my warped and twisted humor and outlook (in a good way) - beware!
debsiobhan    profile - diary
comments:  A neighbor of sorts
nicim    profile - diary
comments:  The words and the unfolding story pulled me right in
badger    profile - diary
comments:  Inspiration, heartbreak, and hope.
nutrageous    profile - diary
comments:  The flip side to badger's story. These two journals are amazing together but equally beautiful alone
cosmic    profile - diary
comments:  More inspiration and smiles. Plus, her food-related entries always make me hungry!
rdhdprincess    profile - diary
comments:  From pondering the plural of the male anatomy to spotting our hair, we'vegot lots in common. And she's funny as hell. Thanks Rachel!
dolffie    profile - diary
comments:  A fellow B-more gal in her 30's ... we gotta stick together, you know? She survived a visit to Assholia.
crowhihs    profile - diary
comments:  Wonderfully sarcastic
luvabeans    profile - diary
comments:  One witty lady
life-my-way    profile - diary
comments:  Blunt. Funny. Beautiful. Real.
wildrosie    profile - diary
comments:  Found this one through Zen. Quite an interesting read.
tara10573    profile - diary
comments:  Fellow Marylander with an interesting life AND the cousin of two other D-Landers I've been reading. What a neat, small world we live in!
squirrelrat    profile - diary
comments:  Ms. Nightdragon, and an animal lover.
nightdragon    profile - diary
comments:  He makes me pull down the bleeding heart dammit I'm ALWAYS right blinders long enough to consider things from a different point of view. And he's funny, too.
outfoxed    profile - diary
comments:  Brave (or insane) enough to suggest after reading my diary that I may be his alter-ego. After reading his, I think he might be right.
capt-jim    profile - diary
comments:  A pirate AND a writer
trancejen    profile - diary
comments:  I'm hooked
tattodnanny    profile - diary
comments:  Needs a "warning, may cause coffee-spitting laughter" label on her diary
golfwidow    profile - diary
comments:  Addictively funny observations
arc-angel666    profile - diary
comments:  Spiritual Advisor to the Royal Court of Assholia
dichroic    profile - diary
comments:  Her active life inspires me to get off my ass (now at http://riseagain.net/dichroic/)
theswordsman    profile - diary
comments:  A Zen-find
batten    profile - diary
comments:  A gal after my own heart in so many ways, and a dear friend
rachelliz    profile - diary
comments:  She works for herself and she's rebuilding her future. Rachel is another survivor of a visit to Assholia.
grimshawn    profile - diary
comments:  An Assholian in his own right. Witty and warped like me, but HE can sing.
queenofrats    profile - diary
comments:  Wildrosie's daughter
myexodus    profile - diary
comments:  a woman who tries in her own amazing way to make the world a better place. She survived a visit to Assholia!
augustdreams    profile - diary
comments:  A gal with heart
bluemeany    profile - diary
comments:  The Spiritual Advisor to Assholia earned his title when he pointed me in her direction. She's funny, real and just all-round great. Like me, only she's brave enough to be in the Army, too. Go read her NOW.
boxx9000    profile - diary
comments:  I read her journal and cheer her on, because she just rocks
bingoguy    profile - diary
comments:  Another 30something. And, he actually might get in more trouble than I do.
l-empress    profile - diary
comments:  wisdom and humor
youdunnome    profile - diary
comments:  a heart of gold and a way with words. Oh, he's a slut too, but in a good way. He survived Assholia and is a mojo-carrying member of the Society.
marlen816    profile - diary
comments:  Janie12975 and Nacwolin's sis
blueeyesblue    profile - diary
comments:  An amazing writer figuring out some really tough stuff
myownjourney    profile - diary
comments:  Made the Zenster laugh so loud while she was reading one of his entries on my computer that I just had to see for myself...
awittykitty    profile - diary
comments:  A new find ...she's got a delightful writing style
captainron    profile - diary
comments:  A wonderfully supportive friend who has made me smile more than he knows
d-manz    profile - diary
comments:  how in the hell have I been missing this one?
trishtastic    profile - diary
comments:  You can't read her diary and not just really like her
teacherlady2    profile - diary
comments:  A great gal - I'm so glad she decided to write here!
kraven    profile - diary
casa-rosie    profile - diary

My favorite music:

Toby Keith
comments:  Why yes, I AM a hick, thankyouverymuch.
Jimmy Buffett
The Refreshments
Counting Crows

My favorite movies:

Sling Blade
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
comments:  especially The Fellowship of The Rings
True Romance
Office Space
Pirates of The Caribbean
comments:  Why IS the rum gone?

My favorite authors:

Anne Rice
Stephen King
Henry David Thoreau
Louisa May Alcott
J.K. Rowling

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