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My favorite diaries:

amateurpoet    profile - diary
comments:  My idea, Please submit your poetry.
Anenigma    profile - diary
comments:  It's the simple things in life, that make us smile, or want to whack yo god-awful neighbors over the head with a baseball bat.
dana-elayne    profile - diary
comments:  Because I couldn't have a teacher in highschool, I'll have her here.
Gawain    profile - diary
comments:  King of Cretins, may all lower cretins bow down before him.
genghis-jon    profile - diary
comments:  Beer scooter and 12 dollar cigarettes, That's just asking to be added on to anyone's list.
girls-suck    profile - diary
comments:  Loving insight into the minds of guys and how they think about women they can never have. Wish I could offer my opinion and help.
Invisibledon    profile - diary
comments:  I'd like to take him out to dinner, but then he's invisble, and it'd be weird to watch food get digested
Lapisllong    profile - diary
comments:  Damsel in Distress as opposed to that Dress.
less-than3    profile - diary
comments:  MY down ass bitch
rev-elation    profile - diary
comments:  If you're a lesbian and you know it, clap your hands.
silver179    profile - diary
comments:  I like sparkly stuff.
Sinnamon    profile - diary
comments:  Have you showed her your boobs? If not, I think you should, and show me as well.
Tacita    profile - diary
comments:  Good online buddy, she rocks! Flock to her now, flock! flock I say!
UncleBob    profile - diary
comments:  Experience that which is Uncle Bob.
pseu-do-me    profile - diary
comments:  I love her like a fat kid loves cake

My favorite music:

Stabbing Westward
comments:  Even though they broke up I still like them.
Billy Idol
comments:  Hey, there's a rebel in all of us.
The Cult
comments:  I love this band!
comments:   I don't have to explain
comments:  Gravity Of Love

My favorite movies:

The Crow
comments:  That whole undying love thing, wish i had it.
comments:  "Hi, my Name is Rick Forsythe."
The Boondock Saints
comments:  It is your corrupt we want.
comments:  No explanation
New Port South
comments:  Fight the system

My favorite authors:

Edward Lee
comments:  SplatterSpunk!
Charles de Lint
comments:  He is a fabulous writer, you should check him out. I mean honestly, I'm a guy (who's not gay) and just used the word fabulous to describe something, that says a lot.
Michael Slade
comments:  When I grow up, I wannabe a RCMP
Andrew H. Vachss
comments:  I'm a child of the secret, are you?
Christopher Golden
comments:   Start with Straight on Till Morning.

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