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Some Trouble

"Failure isn't falling down, it's staying down".

My favorite diaries:

a-rainbow    profile - diary
comments:  Kat - Locked
amigamaster    profile - diary
comments:  Patti
augustdreams    profile - diary
comments:  Nicole
chillidip    profile - diary
comments:  Rachel - Now @ http://strange--angels.livejournal.com
cookiegalore    profile - diary
comments:  Becky - Now @ http://beckstarockstar.livejournal.com
donut-one    profile - diary
comments:  Jessica
forty-plus    profile - diary
comments:  Yvonne - She's a silent warmth hugging my soul in my darkest hours. The best coach I have ever met when it comes to learning about healing scars and finding the solace in the truth I need. Thank you Yvonne.
gabriela83    profile - diary
comments:  Gaby - Locked
herdarlinsin    profile - diary
comments:  Chrissy
h-o-l-l-y    profile - diary
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comments:  Locked
ktdream    profile - diary
comments:  Kathy - Locked
la-blue-eyez    profile - diary
comments:  Crystal - Locked
lickpoodyinc    profile - diary
comments:  Jay
lilichild    profile - diary
comments:  Susan
liquid-mojo    profile - diary
comments:  Derrick
luna-obscura    profile - diary
comments:  Vicky - Locked
mess-age    profile - diary
comments:  Joanna
mspsyched1    profile - diary
comments:  Tracey
o-twinkle-o    profile - diary
comments:  Emily - Locked
princesse69    profile - diary
comments:  Sharon - Locked
rose2white    profile - diary
comments:  Mandy - Another good friend and fellow M.E/CFS sufferer.
shortst101    profile - diary
comments:  Sandy - Sometimes you can't help falling in love with the way someone writes. I'll never find the words to show her just how much she's appreciated and blessed. Thanks for always being there Sandy.
sleepydust    profile - diary
comments:  Claire - One of my best friends. Her diary is a must read for anyone with M.E/CFS, as is her fantastic website [http://www.sleepydust.net], which is packed with great information for people with M.E/CFS
sunnflower    profile - diary
comments:  Now @ http://www.suburbanisland.us
tasukitoad    profile - diary
themoodswing    profile - diary
comments:  Weds
wacewace    profile - diary
comments:  Stacie

My favorite music:

comments:  3 Doors Down, Android Lust, Cinephile, Coldplay, Damien Rice
comments:  Evanescence, Garbage, Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day, Jamiroquai
comments:  Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabian, Lacuna Coil, Lamb, Mazzy Star
comments:  Moby, Nirvana, Placebo, R.E.M, Red Hot Chili Peppers
comments:  Staind, System Of A Down, Thirteen Senses, Three Days Grace, Within Temptation

My favorite movies:

comments:  Along Came A Spider, American Pie 1 & 2, Bring It On
comments:  Hide & Seek, Mean Girls, Men Of Honor
comments:  Prozac Nation, The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption

My favorite authors:

comments:  A.A. Milne, Mark Billingham, Harlan Coben, Martina Cole
comments:  Tess Gerritsen, Donna Hay, Mandasue Heller, Peter James
comments:  Douglas Kennedy, Kate Long, James Patterson, Jodi Picoult
comments:  Kathy Reichs, Karin Slaughter, Andrew Taylor, P.J. Tracy
comments:  Elizabeth Wurtzel

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