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I am a poet and a writer. I live magically and creatively in Florida with my 2 cats. They are the center of the universe.I own and operate a pet sitting service. I love animals and nature.

My favorite diaries:

My favorite music:

Pink Floyd
comments:  The best of pychadelic
Antonio Vavaldi
comments:  Takes me home to the Baroque
Yo Yo Ma
comments:  Innovative cello His "Silk Road Journey" is one of the best
Dead Can Dance
comments:  or any Lisa Garrard solos
R. Carlos Nikai
comments:  Navajoe flute soaring into the soul

My favorite movies:

Phantom of the Opera
comments:  Beautiful to look at. The new one.
Duck Soup
comments:  or anythink else with Marx Brothers
Clockwork Orange
comments:  Alex lives!
2001, A Space Oddessy
comments:  Look out for HAL
comments:  The first one is great, I like Potergiest 2 as well

My favorite authors:

Carl Hiaasen
comments:  mad cap humor and stinging sarcasism in the South Florida landscape
Heather Graham
comments:  great romantic suspense
Percy Blyshe Shelley
comments:  Poetry from the 1800's
Steven King
comments:  best on audio.
Elizabeth Peters
comments:  Amilia Peabody series.

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