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--If you want to read, just ask -- Hi I'm Jessica. I'm a clarinetist, currently a teacher first, and a performer way second. I teach lots, practise lots and complain lots. These are my stories.

My favorite diaries:

professorbgk    profile - diary
comments:  A true friend to the end. We share everything, from our taste in music (SAVAGE GARDEN) to television shows (ANTM). Be sure to thank him for the tips.
ogawa    profile - diary
comments:  A beautiful soul with intelligent writing.
misswillow    profile - diary
comments:  Lovely person. Too bad she doesn't update ever anymore.
ratherbored    profile - diary
comments:  Took her diary down, I am really sad, I loved reading her journal.
won-too-tree    profile - diary
journey2one    profile - diary
comments:  Spiritual, philosophical, amazing.
thinfoil    profile - diary
comments:  Beautiful guy.
aryssa90    profile - diary
comments:  Totally awesome person.
dream-river    profile - diary
comments:  Very passionate about dance.
felllikerain    profile - diary
comments:  Inspiring.
johnguinness    profile - diary
slickaway    profile - diary
planetpink    profile - diary
sntheticlove    profile - diary
comments:  Smart.
julymalaise    profile - diary
comebacktome    profile - diary
kabukicharms    profile - diary
fairybones    profile - diary
comments:  Amazing person.
iamjackslie    profile - diary
comments:  Very interesting.
dirtyboots    profile - diary
comments:  Super cool and hilarious.
byebeautiful    profile - diary
narcissa    profile - diary
a-d-w    profile - diary
comments:  The puns are amazing.
curious-me    profile - diary
phaythles    profile - diary
alethia    profile - diary
stepfordtart    profile - diary
studsnpatchs    profile - diary
bantenhut    profile - diary
dead-angel13    profile - diary
lust-    profile - diary
integrating    profile - diary

My favorite music:

Lana Del Rey
Lady Gaga
Lil B
Die Antwoord

My favorite movies:

Die Hard
comments:  Welcome to the party, pal!
Dumb and Dumber
comments:  Hey, guys! Big gulps, huh? Cool. All right, well, see ya later!
Pulp Fiction
comments:  Mmmmmmm that is a tasty burger!
American Psycho
comments:  I have to return some videotapes.
Burn After Reading
comments:  I thought you might be worried.... about the security... of your shit.

My favorite authors:

Jeffery Deaver
comments:  Yay crap.
Émile Zola
Lori Lansens
Trenton Lee Stewart
Cormac McCarthy

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