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there's nothing to see here. please move along.

i live at sprkid now.



My favorite diaries:

concept    profile - diary
comments:  . . .is full of lovely words for you.
dubyah    profile - diary
comments:  . . .is a fucking dumbass.
dweezil    profile - diary
comments:  . . .is hip, a lot.
e-val    profile - diary
comments:  . . .is pointy.
fivetwo    profile - diary
comments:  . . .is sexy.
ford    profile - diary
comments:  . . .carries a towel.
goblin    profile - diary
comments:  . . .writes with wow.
jenne1017    profile - diary
comments:  . . .is an arco iris.
pantybrains    profile - diary
comments:  . . .wonders what you're eating under there.
phenks    profile - diary
comments:  . . .is a peggeh!
quoted    profile - diary
comments:  . . .quotes.
revoless    profile - diary
comments:  . . .is beautiful and smart and sings.
slappymutmut    profile - diary
comments:  . . . is pretty and draws nice.
strikeonbox    profile - diary
comments:  . . .is danger mouse no more.
theshivers    profile - diary
comments:  . . .is a music child.
un-bad    profile - diary
comments:  . . .is a diegan.

My favorite music:

the butchies
comments:  'we're for QUEER YOUTH we go UNION we are PRO CHOICE we are not scared by you'
eve 6
comments:  '. . .i never get a word in with them anyway'
jill sobule
comments:  'she's a bright girl, a beautiful girl. she'll make some man real happy someday.'
comments:  oh kurt. . .
carrie incognita
comments:  loverly loverly local grrrls

My favorite movies:

but i'm a cheerleader!
comments:  'i'm graham and i like girls. a lot.'
lilo and stitch
comments:  'it's small. and broken. but good.'
ma vie in rose
comments:  ::does the pam dance::
hedwig and the angry inch
comments:  '. . . and then i wake up. . .'
the rocky horror picture show
comments:  'it seemed a fairly ordinary night. . .'

My favorite authors:

francesca lia block
comments:  ". . .and when I do have time to read, I read beautiful and seemingly simple books."
poppy z. brite
comments:  her name is poppy z. brite. isn't that enough?
neil gaiman
comments:  pretty pretty. . .
david sedaris
comments:  "i could never write like this. . . oh, that's what you're asking us to do now. . ."
jeanette winterson
comments:  (mouth drops open)

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