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I have a revolving gun turret in my backyard....

wanna see it?



My favorite diaries:

dublingirl    profile - diary
comments:  it's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood - as long as there are no crickets!
captainron    profile - diary
comments:  here's someone who knows his starboard from his larboard.
squirrelx    profile - diary
comments:  and here's someone who knows her Major from her Minor Arcana...
unclebob    profile - diary
comments:  reminds me of a friend of mine. and that's a good thing.
kitchenwitch    profile - diary
comments:  a lovely soul - with 3 witchlings!
leonmcphelps    profile - diary
comments:  I'm just jealous of his relationship with Russell Crowe......
tariqa    profile - diary
comments:  brilliant essays and thoughtful prose
raven72d    profile - diary
comments:  literary and lyrical and sure to see the green flash some day
sallydallydo    profile - diary
comments:  full of chocolatey snarky harry pottery goodness
groovyguru    profile - diary
comments:  groovitude central - with a whiff of black powder....
sparkspark    profile - diary
comments:  eat me, i'm danish.....
nilliem    profile - diary
comments:  staff to 3 cats - just like me!
kungfukitten    profile - diary
comments:  it's the kitty litter that got me...

My favorite music:

Belle and Sebastian
comments:  my current obsession.
Great Big Sea
comments:  my favorite boyband.
Carbon Leaf
comments:  my local favourite.
Old Crow Medicine Show
comments:  my alcohol-soaked happiness.
Hackensaw Boys
comments:  my front porch fun.

My favorite movies:

Band of Brothers
The Virgin Spring
Lord of the Rings

My favorite authors:

Terry Pratchett
comments:  Ook!
Patrick O Brian
comments:  For all love....
Charles DeLint
comments:  Pook!
Ian McDowell
comments:  Evil McDevil
Richard Butner
comments:  Dick Damage

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