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illuminations: by Sunstarr

This diary is all about me, my life and its ups & downs in between.



My favorite diaries:

bluesleepy    profile - diary
comments:  This is the diary of my one and only younger sister.
larrielou    profile - diary
comments:  My best Aussie lassie!
marn    profile - diary
comments:  Ever want a laugh? This is *THE* Diary to read, esp. if you're a woman!
unclebob    profile - diary
comments:  Don't take him too literally; he's in the journalism business!
muffinhead    profile - diary
comments:  Great read... and i get to rediscover her all over again! Score!
cwerner567    profile - diary
comments:  My sister's best friend and a really sweet girl!
chicagojo    profile - diary
comments:  This girl really knows what it's like to be a woman----expensive!
simplify    profile - diary
comments:  Always leaves nice comments on my sister's photo site.
janetplnetoc    profile - diary
comments:  Very introspective.
ship-jumper    profile - diary
comments:  THE coolest Pogo friend!!
poolagirl    profile - diary
comments:  Fellow veg-head and one of iambucket's relations!
cocoabean    profile - diary
comments:  a chocoholic who is restarting her life for the better
acaldwell    profile - diary
comments:  funny guy who is a great friend to my sister
shear-madnez    profile - diary
comments:  she cutz hair for a living--how cool!
brightopal    profile - diary
comments:  great read!
boxx9000    profile - diary
comments:  fellow veg-head!
janedoe0    profile - diary
comments:  newest member of my "club"

My favorite music:

My favorite movies:

Gone With The Wind
comments:  A classic! Who doesn't like this movie?!?
Pillow Talk
comments:  Doris Day is just hilarious and sweey at the same time.
How To Marry A Millionaire
comments:  Marilyn is a riot in this 1960s comedy.
Pretty Woman
comments:  Julia Roberts is a modern day classic.
Thomas Crown Affair (1999)
comments:  C'mon..... Pierce Bronsan. Need I say more?!?

My favorite authors:

Dr. Phil McGraw
comments:  He "Tells It Like It Is"......his show kicks butt!
Robert Crayhon
comments:  He has a book that I consider my "other bible": Nutrition Made Simple.
Dr. Andrew Weil
comments:  Whatever he says or writes is gospel to me. He is the Original Health Guru! My hero!
Fav mags are:
comments:  Natural Health, h e a l t h, Organic Style and "O"

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