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in transition. and leaving the baggage behind.

My favorite diaries:

nudeplatypus    profile - diary
comments:  very funny, great sense of humor
violetwoman    profile - diary
comments:  made a brave cross-Canada trip and is now a right-coaster
voicescarry    profile - diary
comments:  a swimmer and a lifeguard!! she is golden already!
lily750    profile - diary
comments:  introduced me to d-land
Fightn4life    profile - diary
comments:  has officially published!!!
boann7    profile - diary
comments:  spiritual, intriguing, a new visitor that seems very interesting
ochweidnit    profile - diary
comments:  a very funny and talented writer. just getting to know her, but she sees very funny so far.
nixtress    profile - diary
comments:  a truly remarkable woman
tiedupinyou    profile - diary
hadassah    profile - diary
peachfront    profile - diary
comments:  an interesting lifestyle!
fifidellabon    profile - diary
comments:  increasingly has my respect and admiration
hitch-hike    profile - diary
comments:  I wish I lived closer to FLA
swordfern    profile - diary
comments:  I like her perspective
saudades    profile - diary
comments:  a real sweetheart!
h2ophobic    profile - diary
comments:  my montana friend - I'm betting you miss the mountains when you leave!
benzene    profile - diary
comments:  yearly trips to northwestern PA!
misfitstray    profile - diary
xnamehere    profile - diary
ninabean    profile - diary
life-my-way    profile - diary
winteranfang    profile - diary
ladyluck92    profile - diary
grouse    profile - diary
onlylittle    profile - diary
sassymcgee    profile - diary

My favorite music:

dave mathews band
comments:  i love the attitude, and where his music takes me
faith hill
comments:  the first of a whole bunch of country music girls whose music i love
pearl jam
comments:  maybe the hardest of my favs, but even here, i like the mellow stuff best
neil young
comments:  still have a soft spot for old weird neil, almost 40 years and he still rocks
comments:  alanis,chely wright, jewel,martina mcbride,ani difranco,trisha yearwood, george winston,todd rundgren,the dead

My favorite movies:

sound of music
comments:  i don't know why, but i always cry. my friends make fun of this
knight's tale
comments:  just a fun movie, the guy and girl get together at the end, what more do you want?
comments:  strength and honor, all for the love of wife and family, also braveheart fits here
saving private ryan
comments:  a story that needed to be told, probably my favorite, i cry when i see this, too
field of dreams
comments:  i love stuff about destiny, fate, and love

My favorite authors:

comments:  i've read everything, several times, his mind amazes me
tom clancy
comments:  good insight and stories
james clavell
comments:  taught me more about different cultures than i ever learned in school
gary jennings
comments:  he wrote a book "aztec", fantastic story and point of view on a number of different levels, very sexual
richard adams
comments:  watership down, great book

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