Working on my night cheese


I think I have a bigger heart than I need.

Nevermind. It's just right.

My favorite diaries:

Ashahands profile - diary
comments: Let's make it interesting.
asrael profile - diary
comments: forever 65 'n' perving!
cagedspirit profile - diary
comments: I've only browsed a few entries and I can already tell it will be a favorite
deifortuna profile - diary
comments: Where have you gone?
eric-baxter profile - diary
comments: troubles
heelandlass profile - diary
comments: entertaining
hold-ur-hand profile - diary
comments: let's see
italktowalls profile - diary
comments: I prefer to talk to carpet.
kidalex profile - diary
comments: loved
largeglass profile - diary
comments: Return!
minstrelite profile - diary
comments: Christian insight
ohio21boy profile - diary
comments: come to think of it...he's not really a boy either he's a man! lol
ourwords profile - diary
comments: JUST JOIN! ..... you know you want to....write poetry! mmm, cheesy
painted-fish profile - diary
comments: awwww
porktornado profile - diary
comments: I've always liked this.
quoted profile - diary
comments: How cut and dry
spacemuppet profile - diary
comments: Muppets in Space
trulypoetic profile - diary
comments: truly how?

My favorite music:

comments: I
comments: have
comments: more
comments: lots
comments: more.

My favorite movies:

School of Rock
comments: "Hello Harvard U!"
comments: "Ohh Baxter, you are my little gentleman!"
Kung Pow
comments: "I rock and roll all day long, sweet Suzy!"
comments: "Oh nothing Tommy, it's tip top, I'm just not sure about the colour."
Dead Poets Society
comments: "ooh! I'm a dead poet!"

My favorite authors:

Donald Barthelme
comments: read "The School"
Ralph Ellison
comments: read "Invisible Man"
Chip Kidd
comments: read "The Cheese Monkeys"

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