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Mr.Critic's Great Diary

My friend put it best when she said, "Freud would have a field day with you!" I'll let you decide that.

My favorite diaries:

Betabitch    profile - diary
comments:  Woohoo!
Andrew    profile - diary
comments:  Evil Overlord of Diaryland
Ann-frank    profile - diary
comments:  Zombie Fighter Extraordinaire
Anniewaits    profile - diary
comments:  Come back! I miss you.
Biensoul    profile - diary
comments:  She makes me "hot for teacher".
CaptvFirefly    profile - diary
comments:  Too good for words.
ChubbyChic    profile - diary
comments:  I could read Chubs all day! And her layout makes me hungry.
Cindie-loo    profile - diary
comments:  A great artist and diarist.
Cuppajoe    profile - diary
comments:  My Canadian Pimp Daddy.
DiscoTheKid    profile - diary
comments:  Kicks a lot of ass!
Ehadams    profile - diary
comments:  Needs to update more often grrrr!
FadeIn    profile - diary
comments:  Keep an eye out for him. He's going to make it big one day.
Fu-fu    profile - diary
comments:  He's updating again! That makes my butt tingly.
Fummy-cheese    profile - diary
comments:  Where are you?!
Fuzzy-grey    profile - diary
comments:  Representin' all the "healthy" gals out there.
Golfwidow    profile - diary
comments:  GolfWIDOW <-- she's female folks just like I'm male. We'll spread the word don't worry GW!
I-am-a-girl    profile - diary
comments:  Running out of nice things to say!
JamieStar    profile - diary
comments:  Radio and diary personality!
Kyane    profile - diary
comments:  She's sweet.
LadeeLeroy    profile - diary
comments:  So good, I'm jealous of her.
Ladiscrete    profile - diary
comments:  How can you resist a place where you can learn french insults?
Lorster    profile - diary
comments:  Makes me laugh.
Lukeduke    profile - diary
comments:  Soon to be lawyer. Too funny for words.
Marn    profile - diary
comments:  I pity da foo' that don't like Marn.
Maticus    profile - diary
comments:  He fascinates me as do his cats.
Mollyx    profile - diary
comments:  She has a CAT named MONKEY. Come on you gotta love that.
Upcountry    profile - diary
comments:  Hooray!
Ms-m    profile - diary
comments:  A long time favorite, still one the greatest in this Land of Diary.
Non-descript    profile - diary
comments:  I've been reading him FOREVER, just finally got around to adding him. Wish I'd done it sooner.
Piehole    profile - diary
comments:  Evil Queen of Diaryland.
Porktornado    profile - diary
comments:  'Cause crazy people are amusing!
Raq    profile - diary
comments:  She's just great.
Ronkc    profile - diary
comments:  He's hardcore. He plays Bingo!
Saint-Louise    profile - diary
comments:  Cracks me up all the time.
SaveCraig    profile - diary
comments:  Short bursts of diary that always manage to make me laugh and smile.
SaxyJackClar    profile - diary
comments:  He's one sexy bitch! Look at for him when he gets those butt implants.
SpaceMuppet    profile - diary
comments:  Top-notch diary, great writer, I want to kill him for that haha.
Sundry    profile - diary
comments:  Nothing can beat her talking about flinging dog poop over the fence.
Taydo    profile - diary
comments:  Extremely generous, too nice, and absolutely hilarious. I want him dead.
Thegrayarea    profile - diary
comments:  Needs to update more often.
TranceJen    profile - diary
comments:  What can I say, she's the creme de la creme of Diaryland.
TVZero    profile - diary
comments:  Good times, good times.
Twelvebeer    profile - diary
comments:  The Best of the Best in Diaryland and I feel fortunate to be a part.
UncleBob    profile - diary
comments:  A Staple in Diaryland.
Ursamajor    profile - diary
comments:  Betcha can't read just one.
Weetabix    profile - diary
comments:  I love her diary so much I hate her. Save some of the good writing for the rest of us why dontcha?!
Fergie    profile - diary
comments:  I do hope he realizes I completely ruined the alphabetization of my list to add him here. The jerk!
Mommylap    profile - diary
comments:  Fascinating woman. Fascinating story! Go read. (Again you've ruined my alphabetization grrr!)
MadamePierce    profile - diary
comments:  I heart her. Read every single entry and each one was funnier than the last.
StormyClaude    profile - diary
comments:  'cause it was about damn time I updated this thing
EveRoboto    profile - diary
comments:  It's EveRoboto 'nough said!
Robin-Smith    profile - diary
comments:  Smart, funny, I lost my list and forgot to readd her. Grrr!
Skazi    profile - diary
comments:  Left a flattering guestbook message and I'm glad I check'em out 'cause this dude has a fascinating diary!
Thisendup    profile - diary
comments:  My bride to be!
Influence    profile - diary
Chickie-Legs    profile - diary
KristinTracy    profile - diary
KungFuKitten    profile - diary
LuvaBeans    profile - diary
Peytonsplace    profile - diary
comments:  How did I forget to readd you to my list?!

My favorite music:

My favorite movies:

Silence of the Lambs
comments:  Two Words: Favvah beans (or however you spell it)
comments:  I seem to have a serial killer theme going on here
Dark Crystal
comments:  It has captured my imagination since my early childhood
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
comments:  Hands down my favorite "mystery movie" I could watch it just to recognize all the toons
Star War Movies
comments:  While I'm not obsessed with these movies like some people, the Star Warrior does come out in me now and then

My favorite authors:

Joseph Heller
comments:  Catch-22 funniest book ever written
J.K. Rowling
comments:  the Harry Potter books are my equivalent of literary crack cocaine!
Billy Shakespeare
comments:  I give him "mad props" because if he were alive now a days he'd be sued for copyright enfringement
Charles Dickens
comments:  Gotta love that class struggling, I particularly loved Tale of Two Cities mmm mmm good
Edgar Allen Poe
comments:  If only all opium addicts were as good at creepy writing as this guy

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