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It's My Life

Perhaps you'd like to read about my life, all the details there for your reading pleasure, the gore and the grace, the darkness and the light.

I write it all, everything. I hold nothing back. I don't know how to.

I have 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl.

My youngest son has Cerebral Palsy. My daughter has ADD and a learning disability.

I have ADD and a learning disability. My hands are full, very full.

I'm married, to my high school sweetheart (ugh, insert puking noises here). I know that sounds so overly sappy. Sure we met in high school, but we weren't the sugar and spice couple in the school. We were two broken people who happened to find each other. We came from such different families and yet both were so damaged.

Interested in reading more? Best bet would be to join my group Kats Facts (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/katsfakts/), let me know who you are and how I can find you (on the web) and there shouldn't be a problem. Don't want to join the group? You can always email me (thedetailsbykat[at]yahoo.ca)

Don't be bashful. The only reason I locked my diary up was because people who know me in real life managed to find my diary (because I'm an idiotic geek girl sometimes) and I had to lock it because they were using it against me. Not nice.

If you want you can check out talktomuch.diaryland.com, it isn't passworded. It isn't filled with all my day to day stuff but silly crap that happens in my life.

But if I don't know you IRL then please send me an email and I'll send you the password.

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My favorite music:

linkin park
My Chemical Romance
The Killers
our lady peace

My favorite movies:

comments:  Brad Pitt... Mmmm!
Pirates of the Carribean : Curse of the Black Pearl
comments:  Johnny Depp... Mmm he's such a scoundrel in this one
RIde With the Devil
comments:  Pre-Spider Man Toby McGuire
Run Lola Run
comments:  Not Dubbed... It has to have the Subtitles!

My favorite authors:

anne rice
comments:  Just the Vampire Chronicles, Got to love Lestat
margaret weiss and tracy hickman
comments:  The War of the Lance and the Legends Series
bernard cornwell
comments:  I am so crushing on Richard Sharpe and I love his Uhtred Novels
Johanna Lindsey
comments:  Because I love Trashy Romance Novels.... so sue me!

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