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alisandra    profile - diary
comments:  In Pittsburgh, sports is religion
balynar    profile - diary
comments:  A brave man with an odd roommate
bdeb    profile - diary
comments:  Shaggy!
blackbear    profile - diary
comments:  My warm and fuzzy pal Liam
foxphotog    profile - diary
comments:  The too rarely seen Andrew.
celynen    profile - diary
comments:  Naughty girl, behind that overly educated smile.
colin-g    profile - diary
comments:  Captain America and his boys too.
cynwrig    profile - diary
comments:  Kenny the no-I-don't-have-an-inside-voice monkey.
elsworthy    profile - diary
comments:  My favorite Angel of Death
geniealisa    profile - diary
comments:  The effervescent Genie.
genvieve    profile - diary
comments:  She who rules the squirrels
inlondon    profile - diary
comments:  Keilyn 'I look stunning in purple' Tanner
chris-sca    profile - diary
comments:  Bibs. You wore bibs over a tie dyed shirt.
bera    profile - diary
comments:  She looks good in orange, damn her.
roland    profile - diary
comments:  My one true.
thjora    profile - diary
comments:  What? Cruellers? Are you German or something?
educaitlin    profile - diary
comments:  Owns the minivan samuri
debsiobhan    profile - diary
comments:  A mom and a lady, fighting the good fight.
havorc    profile - diary
comments:  My English teachers were never like this.
love2fly    profile - diary
comments:  Honestly, what can't she do?
the-bookgirl    profile - diary
comments:  Belle. ("Cause that girl is strange, but special")
scalisette    profile - diary
comments:  Red hair and killer boots.
thornbury    profile - diary
comments:  No! No chips in the shortbread! Have I taught you nothing?!
moirarowan    profile - diary
comments:  Kimmie!
catullus    profile - diary
comments:  Obvious evil is so trite. :>)
giuliana    profile - diary
comments:  An subtly fractured little mosiacist - with that excellent little chuckle.
mistressrhi    profile - diary
comments:  Fear the snowcat.
ladyadriana    profile - diary
comments:  I'm taking the inflatable monkey, and you can't stop me.
zancani    profile - diary
comments:  Bells. The prize is bells. Do you have any punishments?
padraiga    profile - diary
comments:  Only for you would I pick thistles.
nia-nia    profile - diary
comments:  "Monkeys! They are all monkeys!"
dreadbaron    profile - diary
comments:  Skulls on the coronet. Festive.
lacuriosa    profile - diary
comments:  Lacemaker and party mavin.
kyneburh    profile - diary
comments:  Am I bluuuuueeeee.....
jdl    profile - diary
comments:  But where did Heisenberg put the litter box?
ladysusanna    profile - diary
comments:  Grey in the dark.
dameanne    profile - diary
comments:  Mojo's lady.
luciaantony    profile - diary
comments:  Gritty, gregarious, greek goddess.
ladyrhi    profile - diary
comments:  Weaver, seeker, puppy mom.
meng    profile - diary
comments:  Style, beauty and chutzpah.
knitgeek    profile - diary
comments:  Big knots from little string
puck-eater    profile - diary
comments:  That much hockey can't be good
alesiag    profile - diary
comments:  Hmmm. What does that fondness for silk really mean?
gormofberra    profile - diary
comments:  Herald and curler
honeypot904    profile - diary
comments:  Librarians are the secret rulers of the universe.
nikulai    profile - diary
comments:  Crazy like a fox
blueduke    profile - diary
comments:  Rhetoric is a dangerous tool.
hun-e-b    profile - diary
comments:  Lady and supreme ruler of Low Ravenspur
luciab    profile - diary
comments:  Artist on an adventure
dragonazure    profile - diary
comments:  Scribe on walkabout.
ealdthryth    profile - diary
comments:  Ducks in the bathroom, eh?
Leofwynne    profile - diary
comments:  Smiling dancer
duchessniobe    profile - diary
comments:  I can hear her voice in my head, 'Choose good, Theo, choose the good.'
moustache    profile - diary
comments:  No one, no thing, should be able to bend like that.
scatristan    profile - diary
comments:  Owner of the kind eyes and slow smile inherited by little Brandon
mitake    profile - diary
comments:  I have seen her drink with a Pooh Bear.
nitenar    profile - diary
comments:  No one should quote Clockwork Orange that early in the morning
omswyn    profile - diary
comments:  A mad Brit with mad skills. But no hat.
bbrigit    profile - diary
comments:  Art is happiness.
supfiggy    profile - diary
comments:  cut me and I will toilet paper your dog
richard-fg    profile - diary
comments:  Duke who? Wait, I hear the Darkwing theme song in the distance...
squotter    profile - diary
comments:  Sigma-Kappa-Alpha, Delta Baroness
findlaech    profile - diary
comments:  Turns phrases and wood.
idonealuv    profile - diary
comments:  A lady of remarkable sense
mongolherder    profile - diary
comments:  who taught me to never waste your brain cells on cheap alcohol
halowenslut    profile - diary
comments:  good taste in pets, tattoos, and holidays
rosine    profile - diary
redswanne    profile - diary
damenora    profile - diary
ladyiseulte    profile - diary
redcaitlin    profile - diary
comments:  She will rock you. And feed you, too.
moldcastle    profile - diary
comments:  Gotta be impressed without someone that can sleep on a roof.
terrshee    profile - diary
comments:  quietly gleaming
justus1199    profile - diary
elishabeth    profile - diary
comments:  Elee, tall and incomparable

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