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Aristocratic Red

Mom. Wife. Music lover. I'm still working on the rest, I'll let you know when I know!

My favorite diaries:

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My favorite music:

A Perfect Circle
Smashing Pumpkins
Dave Matthew's Band
comments:  also love INTERPOL.....awesome music!!

My favorite movies:

Fight Club
Star Wars Movies
Harry Potter Movies
comments:  I also love: *Elizabethtown *Big Daddy *Dogma *Office Space *Mallrats

My favorite authors:

Janet Finch
comments:  Author of "White Oleander" MY FAVORITE BOOK of all time!
James Patterson
John Grisham
William Shakespear
The Da Vinci Code
comments:  Damn, can't remember his name at the moment, but the author of this book is a GENUIS!

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