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My favorite diaries:

Pork Tornado    profile - diary
comments:  One of the funniest blogs on the web!
Kristin Tracy    profile - diary
comments:  I LOVE Kristin, I just wish she would write more
stepfordtart    profile - diary
comments:  A must read. Entertaining, smart, and sassy.
annanotbob    profile - diary
comments:  another fave from the UK. A window into the world of a real person - who happens to be interesting!

My favorite music:

Sky Cries Mary
comments:  An interesting tapestry of musical influences
Dream Theater
comments:  Skill wise, they're the best bunch of musicians on the planet. Except for the singer.
Porcupine Tree
comments:  I think they're the best band in 20 years.
Heather Nova
comments:  I think this is my favorite singer/songwriter. She's that good
comments:  I love Marillion. Fish or Steve Hogarth, Great Band.

My favorite movies:

comments:  This movie was so good, I just can't say anything else.
Kill Bill
comments:  Who knew Uma Thurman could act?
comments:  I hate the books, but what a movie they inspired
Dial 'M' for Murder
comments:   It's brilliant. It's Hitchcock.
The Matrices
comments:  I know it's totally macho, which I'm not, but I loved these movies

My favorite authors:

Carl Sagan
comments:  Such a thinker, such a writer. His writing changed me forever
Robert Jordan
comments:  Unfortunately he died before he finished his great series, Still waiting for the last book...
James Randi
comments:  The man that brought me into the Skeptic movement
Phil Plait
comments:  Clever, informative, smart, go to www.badastronomy.com!!!!
Anne Rice
comments:  One of my favorites before she turned into a jesus freak. what a shame.

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