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All the world's a stage.

My favorite diaries:

maryboleyn    profile - diary
comments:  My alter ego and the character I portray in the fall at the Texas Renaissance Festival.
tattodnanny    profile - diary
comments:  Tatnan can! (now Bard's-Bitch on LJ).
golfwidow    profile - diary
comments:  Tatnan's hetero life mate.
sunnflower    profile - diary
comments:  The Suburban Island. Feel her suburbany coolness.
bootkiller    profile - diary
comments:  Thinks tudor-diva as the woman behind Mary Boleyn is scary? I'll show him!!!
lisamcc    profile - diary
comments:  A little goth here, a little theatre there....
beautiflntmr    profile - diary
comments:  Agrees that hubby should feed the baby on time.
trancejen    profile - diary
comments:  Old school DL.
dana-elayne    profile - diary
comments:  Hello Kitty Pride!
quoted    profile - diary
comments:  I am all about guilty pleasures. The best of the best quotes from DiaryLand.
twelvebeer    profile - diary
comments:  I loves me some good, funny quotes!
girl-aflame    profile - diary
comments:  Her fetish list reads (almost) like a laundry list of my life. I just won't say which items.
leonmcphelps    profile - diary
comments:  I wish he would come back! I miss him.
pyroguysr    profile - diary
comments:  Fellow Rennie of the pyrotechnical type.
ochweidnit    profile - diary
comments:  I'm going international! They love me in Australia.

My favorite music:

comments:  Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, Love and Rockets, Clan of Xymox, This Mortal Coil
The Beatles
comments:  Always will be the best band ever, even if the Stones are still around.
Movie Sountracks
comments:  John Williams, Howard Shore, James Horner, and other orchestrals
comments:  The 9th Symphony is music straight from God.
One Hit Wonders
comments:  I love all those 80's new wave one hit wonders. There are just tooooooo many to list.

My favorite movies:

Star Wars
comments:  Episode IV above all.
The Princess Bride
comments:  I cry every time I see this. Remember when Cary Elwes had a promising career?
LOTR Trilogy
comments:  I see something new each time I watch, and cry like a baby at the end of ROTK.
comments:  Look for Patrick Stewart and Gabriel Byrne (his first film!).
Harry Potter
comments:  All of them.

My favorite authors:

Dave Barry
comments:  I highly recommend "Dave Barry's Book of Bad Songs." I laugh outloud every time.
J.K. Rowling
comments:  Like she needs any explanation.
Anne Rice
comments:  I will always have a soft spot for the Vampire Chronicles.
Sean K. Thompson
comments:  A good friend, playwright and novelist.
Phillipa Gregory
comments:  Fun, historical fiction from the Tudor Era.

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