something's wrong when you regret things that haven't happened yet

I recently became paranoid so my diary is locked. Username is my diary name and password is rex. I just wanna get the entries off google searches and such. Cheers ;)

My favorite diaries:

permeation profile - diary
comments: If I don't learn how to swim, I'll sink completely. And that's long as I come up for air every now and again.
thecity profile - diary
comments: And here now are the in between years that I'd not quite envisioned
loveherwell profile - diary
comments: can we just drink wine and talk all night forever?
shewholies profile - diary
comments: the past really IS too fucking big to drag around with you everywhere you go. That's why you leave it behind you.
phaythles profile - diary
comments: I fucking hate bees.
swallowthkey profile - diary
comments: the farther i get away from people, the farther away i want to be.
i-lost-alice profile - diary
comments: I've been trying for thirty years
absurniverse profile - diary
comments: a photo journal
cellini profile - diary
comments: I keep graduating from one level to the next and it never seems to pay any better. I am about one level away from the most elite level of non-fiction writing.
bridgecity profile - diary
comments: Threw trashcan into bigger trashcan. Threw bigger trashcan off a hill into the night.

My favorite music:

kid dynamite
comments: but i didn't walk away, and if you wonder why, i said i'd be there to wipe the tear from your eye

My favorite movies:

comments: when i look ahead, i imagine infinite possible futures. repeated like countless photocopies. and in each one i see myself. never hiding, never sitting silently, and never just waiting..and waiting..and watching the world go by.

My favorite authors:

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