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cure me...or kill me

Life in New Jersey was sad, miserable and lonely, and I had made great progress in my efforts to one day be crowned as the neighborhood cat lady...

...when along came a big, strong, sexy man who swept me off my feet, asked me to be his wife, and drove me 5,000 miles away to Fairbanks, AK. Now in the winter, my windowsills freeze over, but at least I am out of New Jersey. Oh, and I still have two of my cats! =)



My favorite diaries:

marilynstar    profile - diary
dancingbrave    profile - diary
comments:  "I once wrote a trilogy of short stories – in grade five, mind you – about my encounter with a planet of blob-people and their tyrannical leader called… wait for it… King Blobbie. He was green and slobbered a lot."
toastcrumbs    profile - diary
fangedfaerie    profile - diary
comments:  On Precious Moments bathroom decor: "It's cool if you have a thing for praying children, but come on, I'm trying to take a poop, let's leave religion and little kids out of it."
glitterkick    profile - diary
comments:  Crazy cat ladies must stick together...yes. And one day, the evil plan will come together, and our cats will rule the world.
hoebag9    profile - diary
comments:  "..if you were stranded on a desert island and you could only bring one person, who would it be? Me, I'd bring Macguyver. He'd take three grains of sand and some bubblegum and make us a luxury airliner to fly ourselves back home."
idiot-milk    profile - diary
comments:  All I can say, is...WOW. In general, I am in awe. I am wholly impressed by her use of the word "fuck".
imperfectlyy    profile - diary
comments:  "I've got some kind of disorder that makes me want to change my sn's all the time. I haven't the slightest clue why."
kittysnapper    profile - diary
comments:  Less SPAM, more porn. =)
erasthai    profile - diary
zforce1975    profile - diary
comments:  I'm thrilled to say he's my husband.
fuck-that    profile - diary
comments:  Fuck when you add someone to your favorites, and can't figure out exactly what to say about them.
everoboto    profile - diary
kathrynkaye    profile - diary
comments:  New city, new chapter in life...I wonder what she'll write next!
assclowns    profile - diary
comments:  hilarious =)
discodoll    profile - diary
comments:  Reviewed me and liked my diary.
onewetleg    profile - diary
andwebreathe    profile - diary
comments:  "see all those people with shopping bags? what's the point? you can't take it with you."
dusk-bunny    profile - diary
comments:  Amazing...More strength than I could ever hope for.
myownjourney    profile - diary
comments:  Future fellow Alaskan
grt8f84me    profile - diary
acaldwell    profile - diary
acornotravez    profile - diary
jeweltones    profile - diary
annanotbob    profile - diary
comments:  I am certain she would be appalled by my writing.
stepfordtart    profile - diary
smartypants    profile - diary
take-two    profile - diary
comments:   "...as long as my sensitivity does not negatively impact you, then I don’t see what the problem is."
urbancadence    profile - diary
comments:  It's about this beautiful human being that I'm so extremely privileged to have been able to call my friend.

My favorite music:

Rob Zombie
Marilyn Manson

My favorite movies:

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas
comments:  "Who said anything about cutting you up, man? I just wanted to carve a little 'Z' in your forehead!"
The Shining
A Night at the Roxbury
comments:  Mental note: Do not let the cats watch this movie.

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
Hunter S. Thompson
comments:  "Thank God for these flashbacks. The brain is such a wonderful instrument (until GOD sinks his teeth into it)."
Emily Dickinson
John Donne

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