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A beautiful lie

I have had this diary for 6 years. My passions in life are books, writing, my daughter and victim's advocacy. I am a full time college student. My daughter is thirteen years old and is no longer normal!

My name is Melissa.

My favorite diaries:

kayemess    profile - diary
amblus    profile - diary
comments:  I have to read her every day.
arianstar    profile - diary
comments:  beautiful, tough, introspective. Plus, she's Navy. Raise the Roof!
thecrankyone    profile - diary
comments:  entrancing. We have alot in common. Fellow BP.
mpeacock    profile - diary
comments:  Fun, fearless female.
poolagirl    profile - diary
comments:  oh my god. So FUNNY! I'm a fan now.
marlen816    profile - diary
comments:  Truly dedicated to being a mom. Priceless. And I admit, I'm jealous.
wilberteets    profile - diary
comments:  Gives new meaning to Louisianna hot sauce.
mom-on-roof    profile - diary
comments:  funny and truly entertaining! Look forward to her name in red every day!
wifemotherme    profile - diary
comments:  one of my heroes. I wish she'd update already!
boxx9000    profile - diary
comments:  New read! And she's a babe like her daughter...
r-y-r    profile - diary
comments:  Pregnant and thrilled!
nimiiwin    profile - diary
comments:  super mom, super lesbian. An all around wonder woman!
jackprague78    profile - diary
comments:  A fascinating person...but hardly updates. :(
biodtl    profile - diary
comments:  We have a lot in common. It's scary.
thedevlyn    profile - diary
comments:  Cutie patootie!
erianne1    profile - diary
comments:  Majical, mystical goddess. Someone you want to get to know.
pajamamama    profile - diary
comments:  Fellow St. Louisan. In love with Clay.
soulstyce    profile - diary
comments:  What is wrong with me? How could I have missed her???
taken-by-you    profile - diary
comments:  My definition of a strong, capable, fierce woman. Soldier in Iraq.
tuckandsophi    profile - diary
comments:  Poolagirl's adorable dogs....who like to run amok.
dragprincess    profile - diary
comments:  one of my heroes. A really strong beautiful woman.
allykitty5    profile - diary
comments:  Found me! I wish I'd found her first. Fitting description will follow.
sunshine0221    profile - diary
comments:  Could spend days reading her archives...
sallydallydo    profile - diary
comments:  I'm terrible at these descriptions. One is soon to follow...
irisheyes70    profile - diary
comments:  Gorgeous layout, beautiful lady, fascinating person!
thedetails    profile - diary
comments:  We deal with the same issues with our daughters: elementary school brats pick on them!
bipolarchild    profile - diary
comments:  This mom has a lot on her plate. And she does it with panache!
ruachadonai    profile - diary
comments:  a fascinating person. Fitting description will follow.
drahmaqueen    profile - diary
comments:  she's back!
janie12975    profile - diary
comments:  Marlin's sister, and another excellent Mom!
vickithecute    profile - diary
comments:  hilarious diary of a madwoman!
myexodus    profile - diary
comments:  has a very interesting life...how she stays positive in that environment is beyond me. You go girl!
ingridwrites    profile - diary
comments:  I don't know why I removed her. She's a great girl!
bettyford    profile - diary
comments:  wow. Another fellow BP. I like her writing style, and she's pretty!
chicagojo    profile - diary
comments:  funny, honest and charming.
artofliving    profile - diary
comments:  She's back!
thegrapevine    profile - diary
comments:  She's back and that makes me smile!
trancejen    profile - diary
comments:  Unique, wonderful, snarky girl. I love her!
awittykitty    profile - diary
comments:  She's so funny, you'll wet yourself. Try flipping someone off with mittens on! She did!
flicka    profile - diary
comments:  fellow BP...
kungfukitten    profile - diary
comments:  I almost peed on myself..funny.
bluemeany    profile - diary
idontpretend    profile - diary
comments:  :)
whinerwoman    profile - diary
comments:  We used to be friends, now, not so much.

My favorite music:

comments:  I've been a fan since "Killer" and still enraptured. Heavenly experience.
DJ Tiesto
comments:  Love Comes Again
comments:  Been listening to them since I was a babe. Love 'em!
Sex in Dallas
comments:  "Everybody Deserves to be......."
Kottonmouth Kings
comments:  "Bipolar" is my song! Also..like "King Klick".

My favorite movies:

weird science
stepford wives
comments:  Nerds get the booty
Schindler's List
comments:  A movie that changed my life and the way I look at it.
comments:  This movie...amuses me immensely.

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments:  Until recently, I have read every book he's ever written.
Alice Sebold
comments:  The Lovely Bones
Augusten Burroughs
comments:  Running with Scissors, Magical Thinking
Wally Lamb
comments:  She's Come Undone....
Stephenie Meyer
comments:  Twilight and New Moon

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