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Wish you were beer...

Someday we'll look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject.

My favorite diaries:

JuddHole    profile - diary
comments:  Wonderful writer, wonderful guy. His words cause liquid to come out of some orifice almost every time -- when not, he is eloquent, introspective, touching. I heart Judd.
KristinTracy    profile - diary
comments:  Cuttingly clever. My kind of funny.
Sundry    profile - diary
comments:  One of the best. AND she loves hedgehogs and Eddy Izzard. LOVE her posts!
Chickie-Legs    profile - diary
comments:  Taking time from her 200th entry to send me my first comment -- and come to find out, a helluva writer to boot.
TheDailyWTF    profile - diary
comments:  This chick makes me spew stuff onto my keyboard.
Rickscafe    profile - diary
comments:  Consistenly funny. Every. Single. Time. I heart Andy.
Gumphood    profile - diary
comments:  Oh sweet chocolatey jesus... love this man.
rhidundantx2    profile - diary
comments:  Anyone who is Queen of the dot-dot-dot is Queen in my book. Rhi rocks!
bevanandjen    profile - diary
comments:  Jen's a girl after my own heart. Turned me on to this: http://viritys.1g.fi/apache.mpg. Watch it. Now. RIGHT now.
ramblin-bill    profile - diary
comments:  Can ramble at me any old time. Great writer!
LisaRookie    profile - diary
comments:  Provides insightful, helpful tips on so many, MANY topics. Definitely a must-read.
Procrasto    profile - diary
comments:  Anyone who smokes too much and procrastinates is right up my alley. AND he speaks french. He *must* be cute.
warcrygirl    profile - diary
comments:  Worth a look, trust me. TRUST me, dammit! She's FUNNEEEE!
Anisettekiss    profile - diary
comments:  Just getting to know her, but I love what I see so far! 'Sides, anyone with a couple of guns like that and "kiss" in their name is A-OK in my book!
incredipete    profile - diary
comments:  Incredifunny. Also, incredihumble and introspective. His alter ego is Incredipedro.
MyOwnJourney    profile - diary
comments:  Funny, smart, includes tunage in his entries. What? Yeah, hot, too.
MouseMilk    profile - diary
comments:  Gut busting british guy -- wicked sense of humor. Bloody hell yes.
DangerSpouse    profile - diary
comments:  Thank you, Midge, for finding this very funny dude for me. Defnitely "extra undies" material.
BigPimpinMBA    profile - diary
comments:  Hella BigPimpin funny. I've gone from lurker to staulker
NoGoodDaddy    profile - diary
comments:  He puts his kid in a dog cage. For this I love him.
yeahimadork    profile - diary
comments:  No,She'sAHoot. Check her out.
moonfaeryy    profile - diary
comments:  Newest sweetiepie on the block.
reynedecoupe    profile - diary
comments:  A truly gifted writer, funny lady, and sweetheart in her own right.
goingloopy    profile - diary
comments:  A fellow Michigander by birth and a soulmate on the strawberrys thing.... excellent, funny writer!
twobaddogs    profile - diary
comments:  Love her! Some good funny shit. We share good taste in... so MANY things.
Nilliem    profile - diary
comments:  Another Michgander with a gift for the written gab!
clipchick    profile - diary
comments:  A cute newbie chicklette.
boogityx2    profile - diary
comments:  Pure genius with a crayon. Especially the "Shark" series. Funny stuff.
clarity25    profile - diary
comments:  On a clear day you can laugh forever....

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