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welcome to the aviary...

i'm 42, a wife, a mom, a jewelry designer, a zookeeper (we have two dogs, two iguanas and four parrots! and a pagan (celtic witch). i'm dealing with chronic pain, an eating disorder (working towards recovery!) and the empty nest syndrome (daughter off to college). i get through my day with humour, bitchiness, love and a dash of sasrcasm! i love my family, my animals, especially the fids (feathered kids), books, movies, yoga and the daily intervention of my matron goddes!

My favorite diaries:

trancejen    profile - diary
comments:  smart, funny, amazing...a must read!
la-the-sage    profile - diary
comments:  brave, creative, smart woman...a genius with words!
zonoria    profile - diary
comments:  funny, smart and she has a nanday conure like i do!
awittykitty    profile - diary
comments:  artistic, creative, funny and strong woman!
pissymystic    profile - diary
comments:  just started reading her but i'm hooked already!...finished her archives...awesome woman!
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comments:  she drinks diet orange soda, loves books and office supplies..a kindred spirit!
im2evil4u    profile - diary
comments:  you must go read her! now, go right now!!
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comments:  funny, fashionable, fabulous!
luvabeans    profile - diary
comments:  mmm, jellybeans! she's just as sweet and full of flavour!
so-charming    profile - diary
comments:  she is really she is!
yaketyyak    profile - diary
comments:  another kindred spirit.
fuzzmom    profile - diary
comments:  she has written the funniset d-land entry i have ever read about the uterus. you MUST read this!!
retailharlot    profile - diary
comments:  inspiring!
scotvalkyrie    profile - diary
comments:  she makes me laugh! thank you!
wilberteets    profile - diary
comments:  she'll make you laugh, cry and then uproariously laugh again!
stepfordtart    profile - diary
comments:  glamorous british babe! *smile* you'll love her!
thecrankyone    profile - diary
comments:  she's sweet and funny and has great movie taste!!
debsiobhan    profile - diary
comments:  she's smart, funny and real! and her little boy is a cutie!
colz    profile - diary
comments:  she works for public radio and has a "beloved"....i just love that!!!
nicim    profile - diary
comments:  unique, wickedly funny, a true romantic
wickedcrazy    profile - diary
comments:  smart, funny, sweet, courageous woman with a beautiful little girl named molly
bettyalready    profile - diary
comments:  a great mom of four kids, a kindred spirit in the realm of chronic pain
cosmicrayola    profile - diary
comments:  hysterically funny, sweet, smart and has a great diaryname!!
prolifique    profile - diary
comments:  a must read, she's a kindred spirit dealing in health issues, a mystical fae woman!
tiaris    profile - diary
comments:  she has a nanday conure and a green cheek conure just like i do! fids rule!
killsbury    profile - diary
comments:  interesting, funny, strong, brave, smart and she says oot! *grin*
smashthegas    profile - diary
comments:  hysterically funny!
serenaville    profile - diary
comments:  go add to her stress, she'll love you for it! *smile*
yamaa    profile - diary
comments:  she loves severus snape and batz maru. and i love her!
seacreature    profile - diary
comments:  http://seacreature15.blogspot.com/
autumnleigh    profile - diary
comments:  a creative baker, can't wait to dive in her archives!
tou-mou    profile - diary
comments:  enchanting
loveacowboy    profile - diary
comments:  beautifully sad, eternally hopeful
chaosdaily    profile - diary
comments:  a chocolate lover with a great sense of humour! read her!!
cunhell    profile - diary
comments:  brave, beautiful, intelligent, funny, amazing woman.
forty-plus    profile - diary
comments:  she's someone i wish i could know in real life.
stepfordme    profile - diary
comments:  i love the way she writes. the rhythm of her words soothes me.
smedindy    profile - diary
comments:  he's cool here and on myspace! *grin*

My favorite music:

jill sobule
comments:  beautiful clear voice and great lyrics
alanis morrisette
comments:  my favorite, what can i say? i love her!
the doors
comments:  so classic
saving jane
comments:  new band i just started listening to....try them!
ani defranco
comments:  everyone needs to hear ani!

My favorite movies:

the princess bride
chasing amy
breakfast at tiffanys
the breakfast club

My favorite authors:

comments:  dorothy parker, edna st. vincent millay, robert frost
marion zimmer bradley
comments:  her avalon series and the firebrand. wow!
l. m. montgomery
comments:  the anne of green gables novels!
anne bishop
comments:  "the black jewels trilogy"
maeve binchy
comments:  comfy cozy books - like being wrapped in a warm quilt with a mug of hot cocoa

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