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It stirs my sin;The river

--Led Zeppelin.

My favorite diaries:

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comments:  Sister.
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comments:  .
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My favorite music:

The Doors
comments:  "Father? I want to kill you. Mother? I want to fuck you"
comments:  Greatest band in the history of Rock'n'Roll
Judas Priest
comments:  Breaking the Law
Jimmi Hendrix
comments:  Hey,Joe, What you doing with that gun in your hands?
Johnny Cash
comments:  Greatest song in history("Hurt")

My favorite movies:

Billy Madisen
comments:  Perfect...just...perfect
Video Dead
comments:  Impossible to find and wonderful to watch
comments:  Kicking ass
Detroit Rock City
comments:  Greatest movie ever
Napoleon Dynamite
comments:  "Hey, Don, Did you take a dump in your bed?"

My favorite authors:

Rober Crumb
comments:  Sick,Sadistic,and totaly underground
Bill Watterson
comments:  Calvin & Hobbes was my first comic
comments:  Before Gorillaz there was "Tank Girl"
Tatsuya Ishida
comments:  Sinfest is my favorite Webcomic
Jeffrey Davis
comments:  Boinky33 is everywhere....you just need to look

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