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Last Dance part 1 by nicim comment:   the first of four magnifiscent entries that xray my soul and dissect my psyche... I would like to be by nicim comment:   I would like to be... Let's talk about The One by nicim comment:   pondering the one It was perfect. by f4sakndauter comment:   a gift to shiver timbers and melt the icy soul... a poem for you and me wanting we - poem by trulypoetic comment:   child melts love in me by candora comment:   it is me... Never Again Just a Fantasy by pocket5 comment:   I know this dream so well... and entries before and after this one too... put me in your pocket... by time-enough comment:   for music (for some reason the entry will not show up, but it is and beautiful) distant. by hauntedmind comment:   sometimes words touch deeper than anything, but still we dream of going deeper still. A sort of aftermath. by hauntedmind comment:   shhhh, just read. An Open Letter To Former Net Acquaintances Who Are Such No Longer For Reasons Unknown by smoog comment:   online for a decade or more (or even less)?... how can you not relate. we interrupt this journal to bring you the following public confusion by smoog comment:   all tied up with no place to go?... visit smoog. forgotten by cutething comment:   obladi oblada (so much worth reading, so much worth remembering... 'life is like that'). the process of self- devolopment by cutething comment:   never enough. things by cutething comment:   depth, beauty, wisdom, fun all wrapped up in a cutething. the whole never equals the sum of its parts by the29th comment:   but really, I don't wish I could stop. ideal conversation pt. 1 by candor comment:   say <i>"yes I can"</i>... and do it being alone by z0tl comment:   z0tl has too many gems to list them all (and some are invisible to the naked eye, or well cloaked eye, or even the heavily enhanced through silicon and science eye), but I choose some at random just because... self-judgment by z0tl comment:   genius revealed (in the sixteenth browser window... or was that the seventeenth?) No vendettas, just a cherry blossom tree by caerydd comment:   it's been challenging to choose a favorite from caerydd... maybe because I see a lot of me in her... or maybe because I just think I do... anyway, she has more profound, maybe much better entries than this and she has some that remind me of my empty babbling (important to me, probably meaningless to others), but this is one that demanded to be here... sometimes I give into my demands... here by perceptions comment:   see what I mean? Dancing Meat Inspector #37 Theme Song by ladeeleroy comment:   why I stopped being a vegetarian (or why some might start) Being True by egress comment:   I could fall in love with these words... once upon a time... by candora comment:   it just was the heart of human madness by candora comment:   it just is untitled, undedicated, unrequited? by nebulous615 comment:   just read it and if you still have to ask... nevermind. Queen of Darts by nebulous615 comment:   If you never stop growing up, you never have to. Fluid by nebulous615 comment:   I would not be surprised at all if I wrote this... knowing I did not, but merely thought it, is like riding a roller coaster without moving from this chair... It Always Leaves by nebulous615 comment:   she had my dream... and chocolate milk life is now by autumnal comment:   She is literal and literary beauty personified. Read her and weep, wonderfully. If you need further explanation, you need a lot more than I or anyone could ever give you... live long, and always learn. drowsy in the center of the universe by perceptions comment:   yes, you are god... you are also extremely tired (that is a compliment from one who sleepwrites)... also. find his entry about names, and others... this journal is full of great bumper stickers. An Unexpected Trip by nicim comment:   when I get older, losing my hair, many years from... then... with a far-off gaze by the29th comment:   but what if the hope is fulfilled... then, it is a wonderful way to be (there's always hope... I hope). for B., P., and K. by the29th comment:   I agree in spite of myself (but I want it to should happier and more optimistic, go figure)... and there are too many to whom I can (and maybe should) say this. the unused waiting to be used by the29th comment:   Such exquisite agony... I am so happy that I suffer the emptiness and yet still feel so much waiting to be shared.
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