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Why, God, Why. by amazinfuckup comment:   Ouch. by kungfukitten comment:   This diary is in weblog format, meaning that multiple entries come up on one page. This favourite is referring to the entry "Love For Sale". James Looks Like by xinpheldspbx comment:   I think I might actually try this some time.. Alison's feedback on 'If Hell Had a Showerhouse.' by purplebanana comment:   More interesting than my life! Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind by arthouse comment:   Review of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". Tonight the Crocodiles Sing by haloaskew comment:   Steve Irwin's death. A word on "measuring up" by sinslaidbare comment:   The Ex-files Versus Gramma. The Martyr. by sunbxrn comment:   Night With the Religious Ratman i got my ass whipe by quotebook comment:   Hash pipe, anyone? A Few Funny Things by larkey comment:   Micheal Jackson, hm? You Won't Believe Me When I Tell You It's Verbatim, But It Is, And You Can Suck It by not-a-finger comment:   Conversations! willy weekend by allegedwife comment:   The soccer coach gets a surprise! Drunken history lessons with Mad Max by nightdragon comment:   Mel Gibson's anti-Jew drunken-antic. Language. by sinslaidbare comment:   The need-to-know information.
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