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We know that most people who create a website want people to see it. And a lot of us want a ton of people to see our blogs if possible. We do all we can to get your site viewed (if you want it to be).

The first thing we do is give everyone a simple web address that you can give to your friends, put in your email signature, stick on business cards, etc. Everyone who joins DiaryLand gets an address in the form your-username.diaryland.com, that people can type in to find your site without having to remember anything weird.

Next, by filling out your profile, you become listed in our members directory, where people can find your site in a number of ways. People can check who likes certain music, bands, etc, and you can join or start groups (called diaryrings) for interests you might share. If you've filled out your profile, you also get listed in the "recently updated" lists, which are the best way to get people to your site - just make sure to keep updating frequently and before you know it, you'll have a good number of people reading your site.

If this whole idea makes you shudder and you want to read about our privacy options, have no fear, just click here!

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