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from cruel-irony :
I'm getting caught up with everyone's diaries -- finally have some free time. Just wanted to drop by and let you know I'm still enjoying your diary.
from helderheid : Helderheid's new addy :)
from barenaked500 :
from ulie :
I want you to know I hate you. I want you to know I'm going to haunt you and tell everyone you suck.
from ulie :
I want you to know I hate you. I want you to know I'm going to haunt you and tell everyone you suck.
from nascarwidow :
It's nice to see you back.
from barenaked500 :
hey! i got kicked off before and lost your screen name...coooome back!
from racer-x :
misery can emulate assumptions at very even >E=N(ig)MĒ
from bluesage :
Hey there - I left that sorry excuse for a human being, Session10 a note...not that it will do any good, but I tried. He definitely needs to reassess his thoughts if he criticizes others for not having lives when he's the one with so much free time that he can write about their lack of lives...anyhow, I hope you have a wonderful week, and don't let him get to you ;)
from toolgirl48 :
hi there I jst randomly came across your diary and wanted to say hi=) Your little girl is ADORable=)!!
from beautiful08 :
hey,i found your diary and i was just reading through some of your entries. your baby is soo beautiful!! congrats!
from barenaked500 :
I was just thinking about you the other day! She's a cutie - you'll have to update when you get a sec. CONGRATS!
from bluesage :
Aw, congratulations, dearest...she's absolutely beautiful
from barenaked500 :
You have to let us know when you have the baby!!! xoxoxo
from fallincloser :
hey, i've been a long time reader, wanna add me? because i <3 your diary x's a million, have a great day. xo
from cruel-irony :
Don't forget to breathe. I don't mean that in a "lamaze" way, I mean it in an everyday way. Take some deep breathes, you'll need them. Best wishes.
from flyinby :
i don't like your grandmother, saying that about the baby. *grumble*
from seventigers :
I've been flipping through the "pages" of your diary and have found it very thoughful and intelligent. I hope that everything goes well for you and your recent emotional decisions...
from chuckycheese :
Hi there. I really like your diary. Keep writing for all us lonelies. hehe, take care. ciao
from bandchick182 :
and i thought what i felt was simple, and i thought that i dont belong, but now that i am leaving,now i know that i did something wrong, beacuse i missed you, yeah, i missed you.
from twrlingvixen :
hey your diary is pretty & so are your words. <3<3<3 also- i love breakfast club too. have you read the book? is sensational. <
from punkalistic :
Check out Kitty Rash Designs for really cool layouts for your diary! :)
from barenaked500 :
I like the layout. :) It was actually one of the ones I was thinking about.
from sylviashadow :
good diary--i like strong medicine too!--sylviashadow
from bluesage :
Hey there - Just thought I'd let you know that I've been here ;) But unless I'm mistaken, your "book" link doesn't work...anyhow, I just wanted to say that I think what you're doing is wonderful. Abortion can seem okay at first, beforehand, that is, but actually doing it is a completely different story. I also think that's there's something about being a mother that gives you the strength and ability to be able to do it. There's no choice left anymore, and the love of your baby will be enough for you to make it through :) Well, I wish you the best of luck in the future!
from emopunkin13 :
hey i just found your diary and was reading part of it cause it looked nice and i was bored. and i just wanted to say that even though you dont know me and i dont know you, im so glad you chose not to abort your baby. you did the right thing. every life counts, no matter how small. sometimes it might seem like that baby is going to have a hard life and maybe things would be better had you had an abortion, but they wouldnt be, it is a life and God has a wonderful plan for you and your child. God bless you :o)
from silentspring :
i love the image . Its soo surreal . Plus ... listen to Goo Goo dolls . Mayb it'll help .
from barenaked500 :
dmb for msg in december?!? ill be there! (hopefully both nights!)
from trulypoetic :
not the main main page...but the page where you can add an entry..
from trulypoetic :
I came to your diary through tons of know the linkity link thing. And I noticed your older entries needs fixed. There are directions on the main page of diaryland. Your diary's cool. I like...
from barenaked500 :
Woo-hoo for DMB concerts!! ;o)
from barenaked500 :
I just wanted to say hi cause I saw you listed me as a favorite! Thanks. ;o) I absolutely LOVE your layout. I was going to use it but I talk to someone through diaryland who has the same one and I don't want to copy her. Ahhh, well. Your diary is VERY purty! ;o) XOXO
from ansuz :
Amy! xoxox it's been a crazy year no? my stomping grounds, new name, leaving the past behind in some ways. :)
from absolutgal82 :
then tell me.
from shane123 :
You know, I'm not one to complain, but, like... oh never mind.
from lizzymay :
glad to see you are back in action. Sorry I sounded so silly at your other diary. peace
from lizzymay :
sorry to see you shutting down. Keep strong...stay creative.
from breathless- :
Hey! Your diary rocks. Keep it up :) Love the layout too. I wish I had skills. LOL! I also hope you feel better! I know how sucky it is to be in a bad mood. No crying! Crying = evil! lol...keep your chin up :) Anyways, stop by my diary sometime and drop me a note! I'd appreciate it! Buh-bye!
from invisibledon :
thanks for visiting my page
from lizzymay :
Hi, thanks for giving me a smile. I really needed a smile. You have such a beautiful diary and so many little extra touches too.
from jcrew :
Hey Girl! What happened to the layout?
from fret :
Here is a poem. "..............................................................................................................." It's called silence.. a work in progress.

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