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from son-souvenir :
Dennis: [email protected] i wonder if your married yet? Please take no offense if for some reason i misunderstood what alyson told me, or fates did their thing. Umm, it'd be great to have a chat & coffee or whatever one of these somedays. keep in touch.
from tressia26 :
Hey babe! I just want to leave you a little message and tell you I love you and I love how your mind works. I love reading what you are feeling and thinking. You are a very intellegent man.
from life-my-way :
I hope you're okay...I know your most recent entry had nothing to do with me but it was shocking and worrisome. Take care of yourself, Katherine
from dadeeli :
May I ask why you keep both, but update this one more frequently?
from dadeeli :
You have me linked in your profile on your manumission account. I clicked on linkers, visited your site, and have been reading you for a little bit off and on. When you stopped updating as frequently as you used to, I went looking for you. I right-clicked on the image you have posted in your design, and found that it was being hosted by this diary account.
from dadeeli :
Stopping by to say hello and leave a message. You linked to me on your other account, at least I think its yours... manumission? You haven't updated that journal in a while. Just trying to keep up to date with everyone.
from dope-slave :
I live in Japan as an English teacher. My entire apartment building consists of foreigners, and we have what we call the "group room" where over the years, many previous teachers have contributed to a growing video collection. Starving for entertainment over the winter break, I was looking for movies. Among the fairly normal movies I found there, I saw "Star Crash" and saw it's ridiculous cover. So, I decided to watch it. The movie was so horrible that it would have made a perfect episode of MST3K. It featured a very young Hasselhoff as the emperor's son, a naked chick who's supposed to be a brilliant space pilot and who is obviously allergic to clothing, a pistol packing hick robot who's afraid of his own shadow and always seems to get blasted by space lesbians and bashed by cavemen, a lightsaber weilding dork who's supposed to be an android or something who can forsee the future but yet couldn't forsee a slow moving stop-motion robot sneaking up on him to whack him with a sword, a planet of amazon women and their dumb floozy bint of a queen who's almost as naked as the star of the movie, and a completely pointless space battle at the end of the movie with some cape wearing moron with an ego problem and a horrible super weapon that didn't really seem to do anything that bad except to attack people with lava lamp bubbles. Oh yeah, and it also features a 60 foot tall sword-weilding giant C-3PO looking robot with breasts. I haven't enjoyed a movie that horrible in a long time. I heard a rumor that David Hasselhoff has recently been elected king of Germany.
from dixiedoodle :
Great diary! I enjoy it every day. Take care.
from spritopias :
yuck. I grew up on AFN in Germany. No one deserves that.
from foxyskitty :
Oh almost forgot, an amusing entry you have for today =D When it snowed where i lived, i stepped on some ice, that had been pointed out to me, and slipped. Hurt for ages that did.
from foxyskitty :
Yay! Thanks for being the first person to leave me a note =P Hehe. Hmmmm force feeding?? I hated it when the councilor told me she was going to 'help' me get my meals in. Hmph. I kind of excersize regularly, ish =P Medium sized meals, hmm but the thing is, what? I'm probably one of the pickiest eaters ever, but i suppose i should be open to more stuff. If you have the time i would greatly appreciate the list of food. I don't know if this is where i should be replying to you, haven't done this before =D But thanks again for taking the time to write a note, i appreciate it.
from moonbread :
Enjoyed your prose piece on snow. Including mention of "Problem..." helped even out the contemplative aspects. Appreciated your comment on Ayn Rand with the Bible. P.S. Maybe it's the Bible, Dante, Shakespeare, Goethe, Rand, and then Heidegger. moonbread
from cheerchik234 :
LOL! We have a girl from South Korea in our school now. We have quite a few exchange students actually. But anyways Neigh Young (Sp) and I live in Minnesota and I guess she says it's way colder here and we have a lot more snow. The girl from Japan has never even expirenced this weather so I feel bad for her. I won't attempt to spell her name. So, South Korea. That's cool. I'm planning to take a trip there to go visit Neigh Young, very very cool. mmm If I was in the military I'd have to ask to go to Iraq. I'd feel stupid otherwise. Well, I have to get ready for class, AGAIN. I'm going to seriously freak out and need a lot of therapy if this goes on much longer. Talk to you later!!!
from foxyskitty :
Hey, i've seen your diary a couple of times and decided to leave a note this time =D I'm only 14 but you journal is so inspiring. Is being in the army scary? I'd find it scary. Anyways, hope your doing ok and keep on writing.
from cheerchik234 :
Totally passed my driving test. Okay just barely passed my driving test, but passing is passing right? right. Okay well I'm sick and I'm going to bed. Have a good day. Hope they don't make y'all wake up too early tomorrow. LOL My friend David ahs to wake up at like 2 or 3 in the morning when he's on missions in Iraq. 5 when he's not for PT. Sucker. lol Well, I'm outie!
from cheerchik234 :
Military, that's hot and way respectable. And thank you for serving. That's saweet. Anyways, yeah I'm going to need a lot of luck on this test. I do everything illegally so ugh I think I have to drive the legal way, which SUCKS. Damn. Ex: if no ones coming, I don't stop at the stop sign. I speed. I'm really bad at speeding. But whatever. So yeah. ummmm I forgot what you wrote already. So yuppers. Oh can I add you to my favorites list? Of buddy list or whatever it is? And what are you doing up so early. If I didn't have this leadership team meeting in 45 minutes I'd still be sleeping. Even though I went to bed at 3 P.M. yesterday. I'm still tired. I'm telling you getting stuck in a ditch is tiring shit. Especially in too tight of a formal dress which you can barely move in because of your fucking boobs. Okay really now I'm gonna go and look over my not done homework. Catch ya later
from cheerchik234 :
Hey-- I came upon your diary. LOL. Um yeah... So I wanted to say what's going on. Y'all are in the military, right? Well, yup so I haev to go get ready for that thing they call class. I'm unprepared and have ZERO homework done, not that you care. Anyways yuh huh. Uhhmmmm I'll catch you later
from x-thirteen-x :
Thank you for the note.
from futureceo :
Hi. I decided to check out a few new diaries and figured I'd start by going to the Members Directory and read the first diary for each letter. You were it for "a"! I'm impressed with your writing and your thoughts. I've only read the most recent entries but I would like to go back and read more. I just wanted to say I dropped by and would like to visit again soon. :)
from kitty-kaboom :
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
from fucknutviews :
Haha, thanks... I'm bored and you are ever so indulgent.
from fucknutviews :
would you like a review?
from ashtraygurl :
i like your name. i like your diary better.
from son-souvenir :
Dear friend, implode or explode, somethings going down gradually, or in a halfpipe. poetry sucks, I'm loving all, and remembering____ yours,: Dennis
from dope-slave :
r u rawking the flat top?? lmao!!
from foxinsocks :
You're high quality. But the funny thing is, your diary has substance and I can relate. Not in a military sense, never done that, never will, but on a personal level. And I think that makes for an excellent diary. Keep it up.
from sunnflower :
Hi from Suburban Island. Great banner!
from son-souvenir :
email sometime: [email protected] , Dennis
from cheekymunkey :
sweetie...everyone i've known that have gone to korea have all come back and described exactly what you were talking about with the juice girls. haha, they all say that. sorry, hon. dont read too far into it.
from emogirl21 :
ummm when did you go overseas???? i've been so busy.. im getting married on saturday... are you in the army?... hope you are doing good... miss talking to you... brandi
from ghostofgor :
Although I am fully capable of pulverizing Mr Perfects face, the offer was appreciated. Alibis are hard to come by, like good cheap lawyers. The Army, being a four letter word is still a good thing for young people. It does make you more confident, and thoughtful. Best regards, Ghost
from cheekymunkey :
hey, i got saw your entry in my guestbook. how's korea? my exfiancee was there for a while. i dont update on d-land much, i have a livejournal, i update it just about everyday. i got your IM a while back, but i never heard back from you. anyhoo, im cheekymunkey1979 on aim if you want to IM me one day, and my lj is at ttyl *hugs* amanda
from emogirl21 :
hi there.... i wish we could talk... school has been busy so i havent been on lately... my dad used to wear BCG... he still has them but doesnt wear them... i think they are cool glasses... kinda remind me of buddy holly in a way you know... in school we have to do a book report on a fictional historical book... yeah i didnt know what to read so i chose Dicken's " A Tale of Two Cities"... have you ever read it?... i like it so far.... send me a note back or an email... bye bye *wave*
from emogirl21 :
im glad your back... i have been worried... it has been awhile, i wasnt sure how long basic lasted... i know my cusin was gone for awhile... now he is in Iraq... i got an email from him... but as soon as i see you on line i will say hi... it is finals week so i am cramming... not its good to have you back writing in your journal... im sure i am not the only one that missed you... i will talk to you soon.. brandi
from emogirl21 :
your back?
from emogirl21 :
you cant go without saying goodbye..... *tears*
from emogirl21 :
sorry i havent been on line.. i was at work for like 5 days.. and they ddont have a comp there... i hope you are doing good.. i wanted to become a vegan once for almost a year i tried it.. but i was 14 and my mom wouldnt make me the right food..but i like red meat now... even though i hate the thought on how most of the animals die... let me know how you are doing.
from beatbxreview :
hi, i just started a review page and I would love to review you. In case you don't know what a review page is, it's where people read your diary and score it, tell you what they think. not to mention it draws more people to your diary if you get a good or perhaps horrible review, lol. My page is thanks!
from squirrelx :
Thank you very much for addin' my diary to your list of favorites. You do me a great honor thereby and I truly appreciate it. Warmest regards, Xtine P.S.: 'Damn-the-Bob' is terrific!
from emogirl21 :
i still read your journal every time you update.... this entry though brought tears to my eyes... i am sorry you are not happy.... do you know what would make you happy?
from newhottness :
Hey Baby, I took your advice and signed up. I love it. Ive only written one entry but i thought id drop a line in. I love you.
from hisoil2heal :
I read some of your entries. You seem to have a lot of passion. Your destiny will come to you! You words reminded me of myself when I was your age, except I am girl. Go after your dreams and never look back!!!!! God bless!~Lil'Kelli

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