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from parlance :
Ahh, I see :P
from parlance :
Well, I wasn't aware you could be single and UNavailable [in reference to your profile :P]
from mojo1915 :
Howdy do! Thanks for joining the Christian diaryring. You should check out It's a neato Christian directory. Have a good day and God bless ya! ~Jesse
from new-review :
your review is up:)
from new-review :
come get reviewed!!
from jane-reviews :
Your review is up! My new reviewer, Kayce, completed your review. You may request a re-review with me if you are unhappy with it. :) Thanks for your request.
from jane-does :
Read my diary. :) I am an old favorite of yours, under a new username. This time, I am unlocked.
from realm-of-me :
hey, just wanted to say that i like your webpage thingy. The background of the elves making their way towards the grey havens is beautiful
from lerin :
My diary is locked now because of the nature of things I am writing about. I can't allow people to 'stumble' across it that I know. If you'd like to read me still, the username is "secret" and the password is "friend." Love- Lerin
from jonathan :
(Delete 'an')
from jonathan :
Your profile is an irresistible; thanks for making me a favourite.

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