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from nineteen69 :
Thank you for your note, and I like your page layout. Very nice. More so though, I like the message you had today on fear. It is very common in the church I used to attend for the ministry not to ruffle the congregation's feathers. I never understood that. The one I attended recently wasn't afraid to make people uncomfortable to get God's word across to us. I was impressed with the maturity of your writing. God bless.
from xxholding-on :
hey i saw you were online and i really wanted the vote from diaryland members towards an art contest i joined. It's a coach marketing contest and i need as many votes as i can get, please help! In addition I just wanted to say this is not spam, its self promotion and I need as much help possible. Thanks again!
from nineteen69 :
Hi there. Wandered/stumbled upon your page, hope you don't mind. Your username caught my attention. Hope you are well and God bless.
from talktogod :
Merry Christmas!
from godsgirl101 :
Ello. I'm lindsay Lohan11
from octoberbloom :
Wait, scratch that...I already saw that you live in Nebraska :P
from octoberbloom :
You're welcome, and I so agree. Skillet are Red are both awesome. I saw Skillet live at Harvest last year, they were amazing. I'm pretty obsessed by them. My friend David pulled me into their music (You have to love The Last Night) and now they're one of my favourite bands. Open Wounds is probabaly my favourite, though. And Red...that was also David's fault. But my favourite band has to be Jars of Clay. I adore their lyrics. Anyway, I'm good, doing well. Currently looking out for a church. It's not going to well. It's very hard in England, at times, to find somewhere right. But I shall get there :D Where abouts in the US are you? Phil xxx
from octoberbloom :
Hey there, I just found found your diary (your username drew me in), and I wanted to say hi, and that I love your profile choices. I love Skillet, and Red. So much. I hope you are well. God Bless. Phyl xxx
from shesxsoxpunk :
hey there! my name's Rae.. I just found your site... so you're a jesus freak... that's awesome, so am I! please comment me back if you like. =] ~*rae*~
from ophelia1989 :
Hello Hannah!! I am in California right now, and I wanted to say hi and see how you were. Anything new with you? I hope you are feeling better after your cold. Looking forward to hearing from you! You can send me an email or leave me a note, which ever you would prefer. Bye!!!
from ophelia1989 :
Hello Hannah! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you in awhile! My family has been hit with a rather bad cold, and it's been freezing (literally) at my house for a week and a half. I did know about TobyMac's cd; my sister and I got his single, Made to Love, at the mall a few weeks ago. It's really cool! Have you ever heard of Brad Stine before? He's a really funny Christian comedian. My brothers are watching his dvd right know, and I keep chuckling. : ) How are you? How are things out there? Let me know.... In Christ, Laken
from godsgirl101 :
Yeah! I saw that thanx a bunch! Jordi
from bananassplit :
hey. i just turned 15 last dec. 26... im from the philippines but now im currently living in brunei.. (which is beside east malaysia on borneo island if u ya havent heard of it) hehehe it's a small muslim country...
from ophelia1989 :
Hello Hannah! I tryed to email you at the email you had on your journal, but it got sent back to me. I must have done something wrong. Anyway just wanted to say hi and see how you are. Bye!
from bananassplit :
yea it's freaky lol. wats ur ASL?
from dakota99 :
Are you Christian? I am! Please reply.
from bananassplit :
wow my name is Hannah too!
from ophelia1989 :
Hi Hannah, this is Laken. I checked this site out when you told me about it, and I love it! Just thought I'd say hi!
from bananassplit :
lol i play classical. esp. sonatina pieces. right now im trying my hand at sonata k.545 by mozart, which is sooooo hard! lol anyway soon i will try flight of the bumblebee! i also play lots of contemporary christian music frm hillsongs, cos my dad has some of their music books. my youth will prolly start our youth band next year. but wen we do i dont wanna play the keyboard all the time. i wanna sing too! hehehe. oh and DRUMZ!!!! i wanna learn how to play it too. n the bass. n the guitar. lol i wanna b a one-woman-band!
from bananassplit :
insane! i play the piano too! well ill keep dropping by...
from blueangel333 :
Hi! I love that you're a Jesus Freak. I am too.
from twiggymodel :
Hey well thats so cool that your a freak for Jesus I am too. I love him! Yay! for us! Twiggy Hope
from bananassplit :
Heya! I came across your diary. Awesome 2 be a freak 4 Jesus! btw THE LORD OF THE RINGS is my absolute fave movie too! visit me at . i no longer use diaryland =)

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