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from cruel-irony :
Happy Belated Birthday! xoxo
from hissandtell :
I for one am shattered that your wanna-be benefactors can't at least nominate the body part they'd like to have. Love, R xxx
from funkycracker :
That's right you better apply for the job...bitch. Good Luck to you, I hope you get it as much as you hope I get it....bitch
from hissandtell :
Well, I think you should be flattered to get a phone call under such circumstances. Weirded out a little, certainly, but flattered. Maybe he was just suffering from pre-performance anxiety and needed to hear a reassuring voice? There's probably a highly lucrative, um, position out there for you as an advisor/counsellor to newly-weds. Love, R xxx
from smichelleg :
i got your letter...expect a reply sometime very soon. i love you.
from dangerspouse :
Oh, I forgot to mention - as a thank you for the laugh, if we ever meet I'll take you to a, Strip Club. We have one by my work called the "Navel Base", which I think is funny AND not demeaning! Ciao, bub :)
from dangerspouse :
HAH! The "Lather Anniversary" - I love it!! Thanks for the great laugh :)
from kanakamaoli :
You're damn skippy girls suck
from dangerspouse :
Oh man! A monkey who is so tough who eats ROCKS? And knows kung fu?! Jeez, I didn't stand a chance with a simian nourished on oatmeal. Oh well, thanks for stopping by and spankin' my monkey! Glad you liked it enough to steal it without mentioning me :)
from leonor20 :
mmm i just stumbled across your page lookin for hot pics of maynard and ummmm... idunno i got stuck reading the basis of dudes lyrics and you made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. you stuck the concepts of the songs together just right for me to feel better. you deserve a junior "g" man badge hee heh idunno where i'm going now with that better stop typing. bye bye

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