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from jackthripper :
Hello, dearest, I apologize for the long absence with my response. I have been very ill. It broke my heart to read your note, of what you have been through. But I am happy for you that you are attending school and are now with a young man who will bring you happiness. My sincerest hope for you is true happiness, dear one. I can't bear to see anyone I care about suffer. Please tell me things are even better now..
from jackthripper :
Hello, my dear one. Of course I remember you even after so many years. I apologize for having been gone so long but I do hope that life has been kind to you. I had thought you gone from this place like so many others. I never should have left for so long but things are different now. I suppose that's why I am back, to see what my cherished ones have been up to. It is so good to hear from you, dearest. Please keep in touch. I have missed you.
from i-am-jack :
Thank you. It's reassuring that you noticed.
from i-am-jack :
Have I really been away that long? ;^}" I lose track of time very easily.
from i-am-jack :
I always at least feel a little better, no matter how dramatic or terrible it sounds coming out. In a way, after writing, it feels that much closer to resolved. At least it is out of my head. But every so often, I just need to disappear and go on these sabbaticals. This time it was more serious, because I really was not sure if I wanted to end it, and needed time to think about it. I wrote the anonymity entries with a sense of abandon, and with my hand on the door, but both feet inside.
from i-am-jack :
Thank you for the encouraging comment, and thank you for keeping me on your list, despite the long absence. I just needed a long time away from this for a while. The funny thing is, I wish I updated more too.
from asylumfeline :
It's Tabby! :o
from avox :
Thank you. If you don't mind and it isn't entirely private, I wouldn't mind reading you as well. Normally the ones hidden are the best sort. My email is [email protected] I look forword to hearing your thoughts once again!
from dharmadaddy :
Hey...thank you for the compliment. I look forward to reading your posts.
from abhorgod :
hey - you still update? i never saw your message on my wall. im sure its really old. anyway, hit me back with the PW or something. its 11-3-2008 just fyi.
from jackthripper :
hello, my dear one...I have no words for the things that have gone on in my miserable existence. It is with a short breath that I ramble what can be read within the prose of my diary...Sometimes it is all I can stand to write and once completed, tossed from my memory. It is a wish that with each new entry, my slate is washed clean...though I know these are a fool's dreams. Dear one, I never thought you were anything but lovely and truly kind to someone such as myself. When all the world, and all the gods have turned their backs on me, you never failed to bring a little beauty in my life. I could never begin to repay the kind heart you leant me time and time again. I only wish there were something I could say or do...perhaps I will think of something. I hope you are well, you and your young gentleman. I have missed you, precious..
from jackthripper :
Why did we ever fall out of touch, gentle one? Engaged, you say? My heart burns with envy for the young man. But happy just the same I always remain for you. It touches that you have remembered me after what seems like so terribly long since we exchanged a word. And yet here you are, sharing your kind heart with me again. It must come so easily to you. I envy you that as well. I watch over the nighttime just for beauties like you.

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