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from desireis :
Yay! I finally updated desireis. Avec lots of illustrations. heh.
from dullstar :
Try username/password corwin. :)
from candoor :
Merry Happy New Year wherever you are :)
from candoor :
at least I got here in the same month: HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)
from augustdreams :
I have that remote too! I bought in on Ebay - along with Beavis and Butthead do America on DVD! And (now this is just plain getting spooky!) go to your "About Me" page and see the comment I left for you there a couple days ago. :D Also... I'm very relieved to know I'm not the only one who secretly wanted a night with Steve Dallas! Especially when he'd wear those sunglasses. He was even kinda cute in the full body cast. You're such a great mom, too. A very cool mom.
from augustdreams :
I think you'd appreciate this: :D
from bettyalready :
I could be wrong, but do the european countries have less processed food available? I guess it depends on where you are, huh? It would probably make me sick too
from bettyalready :
I'm sad for you but hope you'll be happy in Africa. I have never heard of such a thing happening in the comments section.
from untamedwings :
Ahhh you are so my kind of friend!
from pashiesplace :
Bo was on as usual! He did a song from Pippin- Corner of the sky- here's a link to listen. It was great!
from candoor :
Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine's Day :)
from pashiesplace :
Happy Birthday!
from wedge-o-lime :
I came across you quite by accident:) I also do a pretty mean elmo impersonation and I have a frog room in my house. Perhaps separated at birth? Hmmmm..........
from lovinglav :
no problem vent on my notes anytime or email me [email protected]
from lovinglav :
thanks kisses, did you get my note about your kids' father?
from pashiesplace :
Christopher is a wonderful name, I think. My Carina would have been 12 last month. I was encouraged by a very wise woman to name her even then. It was a life. As a mom we need to acknowledge it, I think. Christopher matters just as much as any of your other children. I know for me what is different is the wondering. What would she have been like...what would she look like...the unknowns. But my mind instantly pictures her just as vividly as I see my babies now. How do you not acknowledge that kind of presence? Big hugs.
from pashiesplace :
See, I just knew you were a hottie :) [email protected] the new, um, following.
from pashiesplace : That will amuse you to no end! TY for your thoughts they mean a lot. Your package is on its way by Friday :)
from pashiesplace :
Love Wally Lamb(Have you read Come Undone? It is really good also)& Coming around Again, LOL. Ohmygosh about the shoes! I would be so mad that there was no warning & that they still charged! The poor kid. BTW, Mary Janes are my very favorite shoes for girls both young & old :)
from pashiesplace :
LOVE the hair! I also love your diary & leave you far too few comments. I need to change that. TY for all of your notes & support!
from newjen311 :
2/2/04 short hair is're a beauty. and mario lopez is keen, good job. did you make out with him? yes, i'm young, so sue me. i just had to ask... -ryn
from pashiesplace :
Oh I LOVE that song.
from purplebanana :
happy wednesday!
from missing-you9 :
Hey-oooooooo! *smile smile* I luve your diary, I have a lot of catching up to do seeing as how I just found it today! *laughs* I read the one about your little boy and the bee sting.... AWW!! I put up a... thing.... message in that one... anywho, I'll stop talking *laughs* TTYL! Luvies, žarah.
from lovinglav :
Hi Alana, my name is Alana too, pronounced ah-lay-nah

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