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from ixlovely :
from ixlovely :
you're finally back! ive been waiting. oh guys can be such assholes. how could someone ignore someone as wonderful as you? well good luck with guy #1 & 2 and tell me how the phone call goes, xoxoxox doll
from ixlovely :
he's not worth your time, you certainly deserve better (: xoxox
from ixlovely :
just to let you know, pw:whimsical
from ixlovely :
flirting. is fun. its what girls do (; have fun!! hehee
from lady-dra :
umm I wouln't say "playa" more like flirty girl next door. are you trying to kill human nature and make them go outside to actually meet people! have they tought you nothing in public school?! scarcasm :D
from emperorincxt :
ah well.. dont worry about reading many of my older entries... as jburnage and I discussed.. you change about every hundred entries... so Ive changed 15 times since I started this diary.. hehe.. so reading the oldest stuff prolly isnt an accurate reading of who I am... just so ya know.. byefornow..
from lady-dra :
I just happened upon your diary and read your lates entry, that happens to me to the past repeats itself kinna thing, it sucks. well sometimes it sucks. i like your layout and stuff anyhow later.
from sunnflower :
I'm counting the days until summer vacation too and I'm not even a teacher. It's just so much easier - no homework projects to oversee, etc. 2 things - I love your new layout is the first one, and the second one is sometimes we have a near miss with something or someone who is not good for us - don't tie your energy up again with a deceitful person like the one you described in your entry about online romance gone missing. Hugs. :)
from artlifelove :
yes crazy, but I'd probably do it too.
from ixlovely :
i luv the new layout, i start driving this summer cuz im gettin my license in september. ooh man im so afraid im gonna like kill someone.. eek
from ixlovely :
aww thanks, it feels good to be reassured like that (; ooh bra peeking incident lol at least you passed huh? well im sure all the boys are just dying to talk to you, there'll be flocks & hordes of them *giggles xoxoxox
from starlight42 :
I saw that little boy who was a foster child on Dr. Phil, that was too sad!! I was so happy for him and all the things they got him though. How cool is that? I love hearing stories where people who are in need really get nice things like that!
from sunnflower :
That's a really high click through rate on your banner. I'm a Tori Amos fan myself - I've seen her in concert 3 times.
from starlight42 :
clicked on your your design!!
from othelladub :
really cool banner! i'll be back -
from ixlovely :
i saw ur diary when i was browsing and the lil banner came up; cute design! so ive read a couple of ur entries and im in love!! haha [: peggy
from austinliz :
I read that message board daily, so I already knew that. And as long as Axl is still in, it doesn't really matter to me who else is! :)
from dootdootdoo :
good to see that you're back... :) love the design
from daisygirl86 :
Hey Thanks for the note. I love those days when I do nothing. Sometimes those are the greatest days. It's been back to work today though. My holiday has been good. And this week should be fun. Hope you have a great week too!
from sera1231 :
temporarily locked. username / password: sera1231 / unlockme
from janesworld :
Hi Algonquin, sorry I took a while to get back to you. Had some sleuthing to do first. You see, my BF's username is Algonquin, so I was a bit taken aback to receive a note from Algonquin. Anyway, all is well, you're not him. I suppose you already knew that though. Anyway, thanks for dropping by. We do seem to have some things in common don't we? Anyway, I'll be back to check how you're doing. Good luck with your online dating. Just be careful of weirdos - there's a lot of them in this city, you know!
from furiouspuppy :
Nice to meet you! It seems that we do have a bit in common . . . . I will definitely keep up on your diary. xoxoxoxo Lori
from falling0star :
I'm sensing a disturbance in your guestbook source (HA! Puns. Gotta love them.) so, you might want to look into that. Something to with the 'submit' value, if memory serves me correctly (which it probably doesn't. Mine skills need polishing) MMm, your diary don't look so bad either. I have insecurities about mine. I like big entry boxes, and mine is so very titchy. Anyway, sorry about the delay, because it appeared the system that delivers 'someone has signed your guestbook' notices to my mailbox has died a (probably) slow and (hopefully) painful death from (possibly) rust and (definitely) lack of use. I like your writing - it's got just enough emotion but doesn't overflow, and thank god for the lack of 1337 sp33k, you know what I'm sayin'? I'll be checking back, mmkay?
from emeraldblaze :
I don't think your guestbook likes me. Thanks for the note, it's nice to have people read.

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