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from tphi :
Because you're on rather than .com? :P I've seen Kasabian live! Woo!
from tphi :
Thanks for reading :) Happy New Year to you too, have a great time whatever you're doing tonight. Tee-fee.
from tphi :
Merry Christmas ^_^ Hopefully when you read this Boxing Day will be over and things will be less "Grrr" Tom.x
from tphi :
Heh.. yeh I go on and on.. Yers :P I like your new layout - the picature isn't working but the colours are cool and wintery ^_^ Yay for White Oleander.. even if it is so sad :S
from tphi :
Hiya, I've decided to lock my diary for the moment, just to make doubly sure no one from the scary real life world will find it for a while. Email me and I'll send you the password. Tom. ([email protected])
from tphi :
Sounds morbid but I was thinking of watching it just to.. understand it I guess. I don't think I have the guts to though. tom.
from tphi :
It's as addictive as crack :( 100,000+ one time I completed it.. nothing better to do at college..
from tphi :
I think the woman in black's supposed to represent the Holy Ghost? *shrugs* Gory film.
from tphi :
Thanks ^_^ This is basically where you were in your life when we talked loads a year and a half ago wasn't it? It's going to be weird. This time next year I'll be leaving/left home. Weird. Try and get a job so I can afford a car.. By the way, just found your Purchases thing.. you buy :| LOADS.
from numbers-game :
I noticed you have me on your faves list, so I wanted you to know that I had to lock my diary. If you would like to read it please email me at [email protected]. I don't want to write the username/password here because I am too paranoid (some people I know IRL have read my diary).
from tphi :
Ooooh.. you got yourself a fancy man? That's why he doesn't want the other bloke to come along, so he can be alone with you. Awww. My opinion anyways :) tphi.
from tphi :
You do that clock tapping thing too? I heard of that somewhere.. dunno where though. Confuzzled. tphi. x
from tphi :
Awwww.. *hug* Really feel sorry for you having that pain all the time :( Oh, just realised you named your cats after the ones in the comic I used to read, cool ^_^ Take care now, tphi x
from tphi :
I am.. verr verr much so in fact. I'm just worried they might change it too much too. "Evil" is good, but if it turns into the stoopid US version, it'll be crapola. tphi.
from tphi :
Black Friday Cometh.. You excited yet?
from tphi :
"Gonna put some staples in your head"?!! O_o That sounds so sadistically cruel.. :D
from tphi :
Yay! Photos!! :)
from tphi :
Glad you're feeling all better - maybe some of the time it was the worry/paranoia of it being something serious that made you notice it more and made it seem even worse. Well, hope you're on the mend and glad to hear you'll be cool. Take care now, take the stairs slower from now on! Talk soon, tphi.
from tphi :
You work training prison guards? Surely not. What the is it you do.. I must have missed the entry where you said? :S tphi.
from tphi :
Adaptation, eh? I've watched that movie. T's good, and.. different. Like Donnie Darko a bit in that way. You seen Being John Malkovich? Quirky like that. I think you'll like :) tphi. ps. sorry about the price of coke going up by 6p :P
from tphi :
Hope everything goes ok for you tomorrow :) tphi.
from tphi :
It was pretty scary.. I get dreams every so often that shock me out of sleep, and I usually can't get back to sleep. Anyhoo, haven't talked to you for ages, and your diary's locked again. Tut. What are you up to, eh? ;) tphi.
from tphi :
Hehe, thought you'd like to know my entry today has stuff about my weird recurring dream.. any idea what it means? tphi.
from tokcocktok :
Hi, I'm just dropping by randomly to all the beloved people on my buddy list. And I just wanted to tell you that I have a NEW LAYOUT! (sorry, I was excited.) Care to tell me what you think please? :)
from tphi :
Sorry to make you cry but yeh it's the proper script.. *g* teehee. Work hard on those resolutions, gal, and have a proper bo new year. Take care and enjoy yourself :)
from tokcocktok :
Hey Dani, I hope your resolutions work out! Happy New Year.
from hope-star :
OoOo a hickey =P. I was browsing the members directory and came across your diary. Very interesting.
from tphi :
Hehe, all that time downloading and it was in Francais? :P Dunno who the "certain someone" with DD script is though.. :) It has all the deleted scenes included in the script as well :D
from penguinwhore :
Hey, I noticed we were both in the exploding dog ring. Im a big fan of sams drawing, and have been sad that hes not drawing so much anymore, so I came up with my own site. You may enjoy it -clare
from born-n-sin :
You have a nice layout. The words in your diary suit it somehow.
from mirp :
hey, i like your layout... it made me really happy for some reason, and since I'm rarely happy on Tuesdays this is a noteworthy event.... wow... i should lay off the drugs.
from wishaword :
and if you were going to drive down that road in the desert in a half an hour.. what song would you listen to?
from xylem :
It really is possible to stay awake on Lucozade and Coke, but my recommendation is supermarket diet lemonade and multipacks of Red Bull. It works for me!
from bonnie-moo :
hey thanks for the compliments about my layout :) i love exploding dog too. i know its 'guestbook signing week' or whatever and this isnt your guestbook but hey i always was the wierd one.
from todayiamfree :
hey, nice diary - I like the pic!
from tphi :
Thanks for adding me as a favourite diary. I've added you too now :)
from hot-crumpets :
Hey :) Thanks for joining the I Hate Doctors ring. I only read a little of your diary, but I *really* enjoyed it!
from shygirl87 :
Heylo. Thanks for the Note. Love your layout and the quote. Anywho, kinda weird about the stalker guy (not that he's really a stalker or anything) but you know. He's probably harmless like you said..and hey, he really could be your guardian angel :) Anywho, just thought I'd leave a note.. <shygirl87>
from tphi :
Condolences about Bonnie. It's always hard to loose a beloved pet. As for your stalker.. it is ME!! Mwahahaha. *ahem*
from white-bread :
sorry about your dog :(
from alivenotdead :
hey i'm new on this thing....i thought your diary was cool....where do you learn about all this html stuff???
from teena79 :
Hey just came across your diary and i *love* the quote at the top of your diary, it's so true. :o)
from shrinkodebt :
I like your layout & I agree- an awesome quote. Might I add that I like your diary name, "alittleodd". Write-on! :) ~odebt
from alittleodd :
Oooh! Whasis then?! Yummy..

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