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from funda :
meaning in the second half of life?... a noble cause, I'll be hoping you find it (as I am looking too).
from jesusranch :
Howdy. Liked your banner so I thought I'd step in for a look. Quite worthwhile. Lookin' good. Smiles, jesusranch
from raven72d :
Satie, Cohen, Wm. Gibson... Excellent tastes! And I like Baez's voice... I can hear "Diamnonds & Rust" and "So We'll Go No More A-Roving" in my head now...
from wyndspirit :
Very interesting journal. My sister has worked in a group home for as long as I've been a computer tech. I couldn't do her job (and she couldn't do mine!) She makes more money than I do, but earns it!!!
from gnomad :
Clicked on your banner and just thought I'd express my appreciation here! Am really enjoying your journal, will come back in the morning and try to catch up a little more. Safe journey to you.
from candora :
beware the popularity, it is bound to come your way (try not to be too frustrated by it, danc in th moonlight, and above all else, only take advice from strangers when you feel like it)... meanwhile, have fun.
from chordchild :
actually, I did change my design yesterday, as I do often with my mood change. and I know how to do the basic html things - links, font changes, etc ... I just don't have the skill to design artistically. (the design that's up now is by someone else.) anyway, I'm glad you find the new one fitting. it may not be up long, but it's always nice to like it while it is! :)
from squirrelx :
I clicked on your banner and boy, oh boy am I glad I did. What a wonderful diary --- both pleasurable and educational to read. Best, Xtine / Squirrel X
from aresnaut :
Hey..same thing for me - no words..just black and links...who know?
from dreamforest :
:? I clicked on your banner ad because it hinted you were older than most diarists so I was interested in seeing it...but I can't seem to view any entries. They all appear blank except for links, with only a square around them and a lily at the bottom...maybe it's my browser or something? I'm on IE6. :/ (This isn't my regular journal; my username is tehuti but I'm logged into my dream journal at the moment.) If your diary is private or something then please excuse me for intruding. :)

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